How to reset Windows password without format | Guide

windows password reset
  • Now install this downloaded software.
windows password reset
  • Then open the software and select the OS (Operating system) you need to reset.
windows password reset
  • Now create a bootable CD or USB Pen Drive as in the image.
  • Get the Lazesoft Live CD from the boot screen.
  • Now that you have the Live OS load, you can see a Password Recovery Tab, click on it.
  • Now, click Reset Windows Password, and then click Next, then give your OS, OS Edition and Next.
  • You need to select the Window user you want to reset which User Password.
  • Now click on Password Reset and restart your PC. And remove your Pendrive or CD. Now you can see that you do not need a User Password to login.

I hope you get an idea how to reset Windows if you forget it. please share this article with your friends. see you in the next article.

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