Why Don’t People Buy LG Phones? (Explained)

Smartphones have become an essential device for human beings in the last few years. It is a kind of investment. When purchasing a smartphone, people consider lots of facts such as price, appearance, technology, features of the camera, internal storage, battery life, and maintenance cost. LG is one of the greatest and popular phone brands, especially in North America in a few years ago. Branches LG smartphone business establish all around the world. In 2014, they reached the top sales record in the smartphone industry. But recently LG smartphone business completely collapses due to some failures. Further reading will help you to know, why people don’t buy LG phones

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Why don’t people buy LG phones?

The main reason is the poor build quality of smartphones. Those smartphones had problems related to the motherboard. Because of that, it is unable to reboot successfully. LG Company was unable to upgrade those failures immediately. As a result of this, people tended to seek alternatives. Further durability of LG phones is less than other competitive brands such as Samsung and Huawei. Even the customers who have trust in the LG brand lost their loyalty because of poor service. LG smartphones were unable to adapt to android updates on time and they took 8-9 months to release android updates. Other than that LG smartphones prices are a bit higher when comparing with competitive brands such as Samsung and Huawei. People can buy Samsung smartphones less than the price of LG smartphones with the same features.

Why don't people buy LG phones

 In addition to that LG phones’ value highly depreciates with time. Thus, when people need to upgrade their smartphones, they are unable to resell their old used phones in good value. In the beginning, LG produced mid-range and high-end smartphones. But later they were more focused on upper mid-range and high-end smartphones. Thus, their smartphones were very expensive. But the majority of people are seeking budget phones for their daily usage. Therefore, people tend to purchase relatively low-cost phones such as Samsung, Huawei, and Chines brands. Furthermore, LG Company did not conduct a good marketing campaign to increase their customer base. Their marketing strategies were not adequate to compete with other companies. Therefore, it was not popular with people and people doubt to purchase LG smartphone because of less popularity.

Is LG a good phone brand?

Yes, a few years ago LG was a good brand of phones and tablets industry. In 2014 they have a 10% of the market share in the global smartphone market. But their shares decreased up to 2% at the end of December 2020. LG smartphones were unable to compete with other brands such as Samsung and Huawei and Apple. It was the major reason for this sudden drop in the share of the global market. LG Electronics is a South Korean company that produce quality electronics such as home entertainment equipment, air solution, vehicle accessories, and mobile phones. This company was started in 1995 and its global sales reached 59 trillion. But they were unable to succeed in the mobile phone industry. The most popular LG smartphones are LG G3, G Flex, LG G2, LG G4, LG G6, V20, V30, MWC 2017G7 ThinQ, and LG K42.

LG entered the smartphone industry in 2013. But LG Company had not good marketing strategies to promote their products. It was a major reason for most people do not familiar with LG phones. Other than that reason, LG Company did not recover phones’ technical failures immediately. Thus, it caused to loss of loyal customers to the LG brand. The unsatisfied customer did not recommend the LG phone for the new buyer. Initially, LG focused on mid-range and high-end products. But with time they put their full attention on upper middle range and high-end smartphones. Because of that their target customer base was reduced. Further, they are unable to compete with other brands which are packed with high technological strengths. 

Why don't people buy LG phones

How long do LG phones last?

The durability of the phone depends on the type of LG phone you have and the way of the usage of the phone. If you have a low-end or mid-range budget LG phone, the life span is around 2-3 years. The high-end LG smartphones have more durability than low-end products. High-end products have around 3-4 years of durability if you maintain your phone well. But it is dependent on the user. The major factors that affect the durability of the phone are screen cracks, water harm, damage of charging pot, software multifunction, and battery dead.

Most people use temped glass to protect their display of phone. They also use a back cover to protect the phone from cracks and physical damages. It will help to increase the life span of your smartphone. Moreover, water will damage your smartphone. Thus, you should protect your phone from water. LG Company offers a water-resistant feature for high-end products such as LG V30, LG V30 Plus, LG G6, LG G7, LG Q8, LG G6, LG Q9, LG X Venture, LG Signature Edition, LG G7 Plus, and LG THINQ. Thus, those phones have long durability than normal phones.

Why don't people buy LG phones

The original charger gives the best performance. Thus, by using the original charger, the user can increase the life span of the battery and the phone. Hence, do not buy cheap chargers that do not completely match with original charger quality. Because it causes to reduce the durability of your LG phone. Duplicate chargers also can damage the charging port of your expensive phone.

Further, Overcharging and heat will reduce the phone’s durability. Therefore, you should avoid those activities to protect your phone. Do not take your smartphone to the bathroom when you shower. Because steam can easily penetrate to the middle of your phone. This steam can badly affect the electronic parts of your phone. It reduces the durability of your phone.

Unfortunately, due to the above failures, the LG smartphone industry completely collapsed at the end of December 2020. Therefore, the mother company decided to stoppage their mobile phone business worldwide. The CEO of LG Electronics officially announced that they will close their mobile phone sector on 31 of June 2021.

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