Why Does Google Chrome Take Up So Many Processes?

While using Google Chrome, we can see so many processes in the Task Manager. Why does Chrome open so many processes?. Google Chrome browser is different than other web browsers. The Chrome browser opens a process for every tab, extension, and app. So if you are doing multiple works with Chrome, the task manager will show you lots of processes.

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why does chrome open so many processes

Google chrome develops as a Cross-platform by Google. So google chrome work as a separate process. That’s why we see many processes in the task manager. This is normal for Windows. So no need to stop those processes. If you stop those processes, all tabs, apps, and extensions will be closed.

Google Chrome will create a new process for:

  • Tabs
  • Apps
  • Extensions
  • Plugins
  • HTML text
why does chrome open so many processes

By those separate processes, Google chrome will speed up better than other web browsers. So you can do multi-work easily without lag, slow or stuck. You can check all Chrome processes by using Google chrome task manager. To open the task manager, click on the three dots in the top right corner and go to more tools. Then you can see the Task Manager.

You may see separate processes in Chrome Task Manager, but you do not need to stop them. Google has built this cross-platform to speed up Chrome. As you know, most browsers are slow when we use it and multi-task, but Google Chrome is not as slow as other browsers.

How Do I Make Chrome use Less Memory?

The Google Chrome browser is a separate process software. So, Chrome generally uses more memory on your computer. You can make chrome use less memory.

  • Open a single Tab when you are using the chrome browser.
  • Don’t install more extensions to your chrome browser.
  • Don’t use external apps on your chrome browser.
  • Remove useless plugins that you are already installed.

Final Word

You can make chrome use less memory using the above simple tips. So chrome uses more processes to get an excellent user experience. If there are any questions about Google chrome processes, feel free to contact us through the contact page.

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