Why Can’t I See Comments on Facebook?

Facebook is the most popular social media network that has more than 2.45 billion users per month. But still, there are some issues with this application. Many Facebook users have reported some issues regarding Facebook comments. I will share my expertise knowledge to solve every problem of Facebook app comments.

Why can't I see comments on Facebook

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Why are some comments hidden on Facebook?

Facebook is a social media platform that offers different types of services to satisfy its clients. But some bugs are arising in the Facebook app. One issue is hidden comments on Facebook. There are some reasons to hide comments. These are;

  • The page admin has disabled comments of the Facebook post
  • Due to an internet issue, Facebook comments are not loading
  • Outdated Facebook app
  • Data catching issues of your web browser
  • If the person blocks you on Facebook, you can’t see their comments and likes. But these comments are count for the total comments
  • If a person has used Facebook privacy settings such as “friends only” or “friends of friends”, guests cannot see the comment except the audience that mentioned above
  • If the person temporarily deactivate their Facebook account
  • When some Facebook comments have been Reported

How do I see all the comments on Facebook?

These are the fundamental steps that you can use to solve facebook comments issues.

Refresh the Facebook application

Sometimes your facebook app may be stuck, and you can easily swipe down the page. It will refresh your news feed, comments. Then you can again try to access to the comment section of the relevant post.

If you still have the same issue, try the below steps.

Clear cache of the web browser

Web browser saves the cached version of the website data. You can clear cache and loading the Facebook to fix the issue about the comments.

Check the internet connection and signals

If you cannot see some comments on facebook, check your smartphone connectivity or bandwidth of Wi-Fi. If you have not proper bandwidth to access, it will disable some functions of facebook.

Restart your smartphone or computer

You can resolve some Facebook errors by restarting your smartphone or computer.

Update your Facebook app

If your app is outdated, it will not be functioning well. Most of the facebook errors associates with the outdated versions of the apps.  

You can check your notification bar to check whether a new update arrives or not. If not, you can log in with your smartphone and go to the app store. It will show the latest updates on Facebook. Hopefully, the app update will help you to resolve comment issues.

Log out and log in again to the Facebook app

Facebook is a platform that worth billions of dollars. Moreover, it has thousands of employees to provide services for billions of users. Thus, sometimes minor errors can occur in the Facebook app.

If any function is disabled, you can log out and log in to the app. It will resolve errors that associate with the hidden comments issue too.

Uninstall and reinstall the newest version of Facebook app

If the above methods did not work and you couldn’t see hidden comments, you can try this option. You can uninstall the facebook app and reinstall it again. Then check whether all comments are visible in the news feed or not. Most probably, all your issues are solved with this option.

How do I make comments not show up on Facebook?

Facebook comments do not have their own privacy settings. It only has facebook post settings and photos settings.  You cannot hide comments for some people and make them visible to others.

But there is an exceptional case. If you block a person on facebook, they cannot see your comments. Further, you can delete your comment from facebook.

The owner of the post is the only person who can adjust the settings of facebook posts. They can set their audience as “Friends,” friends of friends,” “pubic,” or “custom.”

If the post owner does not like any comment, they can hide it or delete it from their post. Moreover, the owner of the facebook post can turn off the facebook comments.

If you do not want to allow some specific persons to see your post and comments, you can easily customize the post’s audience with custom settings. Then your post will be visible to a customized audience except for a few specific people.


Why can’t I see comments during a facebook live?

Why can't I see comments on Facebook

Some different reasons cause to not showing comments during a facebook live video. These are,

  • Network connection issues: When you do not have enough signal strength to broadcast a live video, some facebook functions will disable.  The bad weather, areas that do not have enough coverage can be reasons for this issue.
  • Facebook server fault: If facebook server fails or has a bug, it can disable comments reviewing. You can report this bug and wait for few minutes until they recover it.
  • Corrupt storage: If the facebook application or browser has too much cache data, it may cause to corrupt the facebook services. You can clean the cache data to optimize your facebook app and functions.

How do I turn off live comments on Facebook?

You can turn off the comments of your own post. If you are an admin or moderator of a group, you can turn off the comments of the group posts. These two simple steps can be used to turn off live comments.

Step 1: Go to the post that you want to turn off comments

Step 2: Click “Turn off commenting”

Why can't I see comments on Facebook

How do I turn comment ranking on for my Facebook Page?

You can follow these steps to turn on comment ranking on your facebook page.

Step 1: Please click “Settings” in the bottom left of your facebook page

Step 2: Tap on “Comment Ranking”

Step 3: Choose the box to “See most relevant comments by default”

Step 4: Finally, click on “Save changes”


Facebook comments hide because of several issues. First, you should identify the root course, and it will help you to resolve issues quickly.

I believe you may gain good knowledge about Facebook comments and their issues from this article. Hopefully, now you can review hidden comments on Facebook. Stay tuned to my page. I will share another worthy topic in my next article.

Sajith Herath is a Software quality analyst for Mobile and Computer applications. He is the founder of Bigfact-Review. He has written about technology for nearly a decade and He has lots of experience in tech field.