What is the Floppy Disk?

• Why did people use Floppy Disk?

People used this Floppy Disk because of data transfer process (Data travel process). In the future, people are using like Pen drives, Portable Hard drives to transfer the data but in the past, there were not above devices to transfer the data. So people has been used Floppy Disk Drives to travel the data in past.

• How much capacity in a Floppy Disk?

A Floppy Disk capacity is 1.44Mb. What? I can imagine what you are thinking. Yes, A Floppy Disk capacity is 1.44Mb but in the past, we could load few games, music, software and pictures in a one Floppy Disk.

Unfortunately, in the present, we will not able to load any of data in a Floppy because lots of computer data come with huge sizes in the present.

What is the Floppy Disk

• History of the Floppy Disk

The First Floppy Disk was made at IBM by Alan Shugart in 1967. First Floppy Disk came as 8-inch Floppy Disk and it has 1Mb Capacity.

• Can we use Floppy disks in our Computers?

If you need to use a Floppy Disk with your Computer, You’ll want a “Floppy Disk Dive (FDD)”. I don’t think, new computers have this drive because Floppy Disk Divers cannot use with newest technology.

• Type of Floppy Disks


Floppy disk type

Launched Year



8-inch Floppy Disk


It was made with flexible plastic and magnetic.








5.25-inch Floppy Disk


This Floppy Disk smaller than the first one.








3.5-inch Floppy Drive


This is the Final Version and it was made as micro Floppy.









• Are Floppy Disks still used?

Yes, I know, you cannot believe this, right? However, Floppy Disk still use in some countries’ government because theirs government systems made with an old technology. So somehow, they couldn’t update their systems still yet and some old data saved with those Floppy Drives. So they have to use old Floppy Disk Drives to secure their data.

What is the Floppy Disk

• Is there Alternative drive to connect Floppy Disk to new computer?

Yes, there is portable Floppy Disk Drive (PFDD) for connect Floppy Disk to your Computer. The portable Floppy Disk Drive able connect through USB cable to your computer and after connect to computer, you will able to insert your Floppy Disk to it (PFDD). Then you will see the “A” Drive as Floppy Disk Drive on your “This PC Explore” and you can easily access the Floppy Disk through your modern computer.

What is the Floppy Disk

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