What is Seaport.exe on Windows and How to Delete it?

What is seaport.exe in the task manager? It is a Microsoft seaport search enhancement broker process that Configuration files to improve the search performance of various Windows programs. This process appears when you install some important programs like movie maker, live mail, Photo Gallery, etc.

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However, this seaport.exe process not a threat to your computer and It will improve the computer search function to get the best result. So if you never want to appear this process in the task manager, you can simply remove it following steps below.

How to Remove/Disable Seaport.exe From Task Manager?

First, open the task manager and go to the process tab. Then find the Seaport.exe process in the process tab.


Then right-click on it and select “Go to Service(s)“.

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Once you have clicked on the “Go to service(s)”, it will bring you the Services tab on task manager and find you the exact service that running in the seaport.exe process. Now, click on the “Services” button below.

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Then you will have the properties of the service. Once it opens, just stop the process first.

Now change the startup type to “Disable” and click on the Apply button to save the changes.


After saved changes, restart your computer and the seaport.exe will never appear on your task manager even turn off the computer.

Is seaport.exe a malware?

Seaport.exe is not a malware or virus that thread to your computer. It is a Microsoft seaport search enhancement broker process. So you don’t need to worry about it because this process will improve the search performance of various Windows programs. If you have any doubts about this, you can just scan your computer using the best virus guard.

Final Word

I hope you could learn about what is seaport.exe and how to remove it from the task manager. So if there is any question about this, please contact us through the contact page. Also, please make sure to share this article with your friends.

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