What is online trading?

Trading is buy and sell financial instruments like Stocks, Bonds, Currencies, Commodities, etc… Today we are talking about online trading such as IQ option and Forex . Online trading is not much similar to local trading because local trading has to trade Stocks, Bonds, currencies, commodities, etc…

But online trading different than local trading. We can trade in online trading such as currencies, Gold, Crypto currencies and more online equalities.

If you going to start trade in online you should have some Money for invest because trading is very risky. For an example: if you invest $100 for online trading you will able to get $1000 or just $10. This was a risk point I was talking about. So I will tell you two online trading options in this article.

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IQ option

Before we start we should have to select a best broker for IQ option. I won’t talking  about how to select a broker in this article. But definitely I will write an article for that.

You should search and select one of best currency for the IQ option. I recommended ruble currency because you can  get 50% discount for everything. So You can create your fresh account using ruble currency. Before You create an account successfully, you can debit money to your IQ option account with credit cards or debit cards. 

Some people afraid to invest Money for this because They don’t know about the online trading. That’s why  I told before to select best broker for this. After you select broker and create an account, you must train your mind for this. Every broker has training course like simulating  the total real dashboard. So you can trade with out real Money before invest.

So you will able to  get idea and training before you start real trading.

The minimum investment is $10. It’s like 300 point rubles. I recommended to invest minimum $100 because this is very risk invest as I told you in the beginning. After you deposit real Money, Your Balance show on your account.

These are the easiest Money deposit methods

  1. You can deposit directly credit card or debit card. ( I don’t recommended this method ) 
  2. You can create E-wallet like Paypal, Skrill and nettler and you can deposit your real Money to that and you can deposit to your IQ option broker to E-wallet.  


Forex different than IQ option. IQ option is the short term investment and forex is long term investment. Bunch of peoples be a millionaire with doing this forex. Some people know about this, Some people don’t know about this. However some people haven’t positive feedback for forex. Forex is one of biggest Money earning machine  In the world. Forex marketplace has $500 trillion daily turn over. This is biggest.You can do this using mobile phones or laptops.

For a example you can select €EUR/$USD as a selectable currency and you can invest for that. If you are invest $100 and you bid USD gone up. So unfortunately USD currency gone down for real. Your $100 cut down step by step with broker company’s term and policies. If not gone down USD and USD had increased. You can get profit for your investment. This is the main process of forex.

I hope you get an idea about online trading and hope you enjoy it. see you in the next article. 

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