What is Li-Fi Technology?

Most of the time, Our visitors most of all who like the technology and the entertainment industry. And they should know about new technology coming in the future. Today we will introduce you to this article about the future Li-Wi technology. We also use the same technology that is similar to the present-day technology, but we are very different in the way we use technology and performance.

Li-fi technology

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What exactly is this Li-Fi?

The Li-Fi is the best technology to use as the next revolutionary in wireless technology. In short, this includes Li-Fi, which means Light Fidelity. In simple terms, Li-Fi is a transmission medium, or a data transmission medium. Specifically, data transmission is done using Light Emmitting Diodes (LEDs). That’s why it’s called Visible Light Communications (VLC) system. The founder of Li-Fi technology is Professor Harald Haas of the University of Edinburgh UK.

How does this Li-Fi function?

In most cases, talking about wireless data transmission initially reminds us of radio waves. But, as previously mentioned, light waves are used to transmit data. Here, LED bulbs are used to release light waves, and photoreceptors are used to receive light waves.

The first device in the Li-Fi system is called the high-powered LED bulbs and the photo-receptor silicon photodiodes for the reception of the same light. Visible Light Communication (VLC) signals are generated by the Nano blinking and twisting of this LED bulb. Through this process, it is possible to communicate various digital strings including 1 and 0 successfully through this process.

Li-fi technology

What’s the Importance of Li-Fi Technology?

Wi-Fi and Li-Fi use both of these using electromagnetism. But using Li-Fi technology to use light beam, Li-Fi is much faster than Wi-Fi. Moreover, it’s also something special! Li-Fi can be used without any problems due to radioactivity, for example, in areas with radioactive sources. With this advantageous situation, we can successfully utilize Li-Fi in any field, such as education, health, transportation, science and research.

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