What is E-Money?

Everyone has a dream. But they cannot achieve that dream because they have no idea to make it. I think only problem is Money.

We can make money different ways like doing a job ,  doing a business , be a broker , be a agent , etc…. But lots of people don’t focus about E-Money . I think E-Money is the best way to achieve your dreams in short period.

Only important thing is how you doing E-Money . Some people think E-Money can achieve your dreams  in one night or one day . It’s a nightmare . You should work hard for what you are doing in E-Money . That’s the important thing for internet Money . If you fail , search, why did you fail and try again . If couldn’t, try again . Try and try one day you can achieve your dreams . You will definitely success One day . 

I will give some tips and trusted websites for start E-Money.

There are bunch of scammers out there. So we should be careful to select what you are going to start . You can make money with these trusted E-Money methods . These are what I recommend. So enjoy it. 

  1. Adsense
  2. Freelancing
  3. Affiliate marketing


Adsense is the best and trusted way to make Money online. You can even get passive income for this method. This is google service. So you can trust this method 1000% . 

Before  start Adsense, you should have blog/websites/YouTube channel or mobile app. If you don’t have one of these, you should start blog/websites/YouTube channel or mobile app today. I will teach you exactly how to create these in next article. 

If you have one of these, you can apply for the Adsense and wait for the approval. If Google Adsense team has been approved your blog/website/YouTube channel or mobile app, You can just start earn money with Adsense. 


They are lots of websites to join and doing freelancing. But we should have skils for somethings and trusted websites to doing this. This is not a passive income like Adsense. This is an active income which means, If you work for some one and complete that job, you can have the Money from that buyer. I will tell you 5 trusted websites for freelancing.

  1. Fiverr.com

You can register easily with this website with only required Email and some password you will selecting.

Every 5 second must have order for this website. I will write an article, How to earn Money with this website. There are bunch of tips and tricks out there. wait for it. to now you can go to www.fiverr.com and register.


Upwork is the second website for freelancing. Upwork is combination of  odesk and Elance.  You cannot register easily with this website. it’s difficult because of Upwork is required personal CV, skilled certificate, etc… So if you have some special skills for something, go to www.upwork.com. This is professional website so you have to work professionally on this website. I will tell you how to earn Money with Upwork next article. 


Peopleperhour is same as fiverr.com But this website not popular than fiverr. You can also register easily with this website. Only required email and password this website. This website has bunch of services like graphic designing, voice over recording, website building, etc… 


Freelance is different than other websites because freelance website can exchange outside  contacts with buyer and seller. freelancer website has 3-5  orders per 5 second. So I think this website massive marketplace for freelancers. So you can  join and earn Money with it .


Guru.com is another freelancing website like fiverr, peopleperhour. There are lots of buyer and sellers in this marketplace. Also you have little competition to work on this website. So I recommend to do graphic design, video editing, animation editing etc… You can even try others with no issue. 

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is the next E-Money method to make Money online. This is 100% working and you should have to use your mind for marketing tricks. If your marketing tricks will succeed you can earn bunch of Money per month. 

Affiliate marketing is, When company sell some product you should have promote that product and give lots of sales for that company. You can use social media marketing, Google ads, promote you self, SEO ranking, etc…

I will tell you one trusted website for Affiliate marketing so you can register and doing some research and make sure what is Affiliate marketing. If you do this genuinely you can earn upto $100,000 per month.

The website is clickbank.com. You can go and register with this website easily. I hope you get an idea what is E- Money. So let’s see you in next article. 

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