What is Bitcoin?

Lots of people talking about E-Currency these days because all E-Currencies are increasing there value. Today I am going to talking about best E-Currency that call Bitcoin. This is actually online Money unit. There are different Money currencies All-round the world. But Bitcoin different than other currencies because Bitcoin hasn’t government authority or anyother authority.

This is peer to peer payment system, Which means Bitcoin share only between party to another party. BTC is short name of Bitcoin. Bitcoin found by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008.

Bitcoin is most advance currency system in the world. Bitcoin has most heavy concept more than we think. Bitcoin is big shareable network So we have to invest lots of Money for get even One Bitcoin.

In the beginning, which means 2008, We could Buy One Bitcoin for $10/$20. But we must spend more than $1000 for get One Bitcoin.

We can make long term investment to invest Bitcoin. Because Bitcoin value increased or decreased day by day. For example: Think you invested $100 for get some Bitcoin. Then you can wait for the increase the Bitcoin value. Then you can sell your Bitcoin with profit.

This is very safety currency and payment method. You should have E-Wallet for start investing Bitcoin. Then you can easily manage your Money. I recommended Coin base ( Similar to PayPal). This coin base could only use for Bitcoin.

Also, Lots of people use this bitcoin wallet to make payments, transfer money to someone and purchases, etc.. Lots of people believe in this safe payment network.  As well as this is very fast payment system. For example, You need to send money to United State from Australia, You can send money within 0.50 sec. Nowadays billions of people join this network to doing their investment and payments.

Another thing is, We can have mobile application for this bitcoin wallet. We will able to use that any where we want.  This all thing doing in space, which means with internet. So if we use that application, That will more easier for use bitcoin and bitcoin wallet.


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