What Does Xbox Error Status Report Means?

Many people seeing this Xbox error status report when WIFI turn on. When you turn on your wifi on xbox 360, it recognizes the wifi but cannot connect to the network. As you know, you can press “Y” to see why this issue comes up on your xbox. After pressed “Y”, you can see a status report like below.

xbox error status report
xbox error status report

What are the meaning of those letters?

  • W – Hardware setup
  • X – Connection End – Means connection to X-box live servers has failed
  • Y – Internet setup type 00A8 – E840 U.S.A. Version Wireless Receiver for XBox 360 Console. Others would be Ethernet cable or out of U.S.A. model of receiver.
  • Z – XBox Policy Offenses. 0000 – 0000 = No X-box offenses. Any other = Ban or Suspension.
  • T = network Type (wired / wireless)
  • A – Private Address / subnet mask
  • G – Gateway
  • D – DNS1 / DNS2
  • N – Wireless access point Name (SSID)
  • S – Wireless Security type
  • C Control code

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How To Fix This Xbox Error Status Report Issue

To fix this unusual issue, you should troubleshoot network and console as well. Here are some solutions to fix xbox error status report problem.

Solution 01: Disconnect and Reconnect Your Console’s Power Cable 

This is so simple method and easiest solution to fix this xbox 360 error codes problem. Disconnect and reconnect your console’s power cable is common solution that many people do. This process will help you to power cycle the network hardware.

After reconnect your console’s power cable, you should turn off your console and turn it on again. Now you can check the xbox error that completly fixed. If the error persists, you can try another solutions below.

xbox error status report

Solution 02: Restore Console Settings

To restore your console settings, press the Guide button on your controller, select Settings and System Settings.

Then go to the Netword Settings and select your wired Network or wireless network when the network list is displayed.

Now go to the Configure Network and select Restore to Factory Defaults on the Additional Settings tab. Then click on Yes, Restore to factory defaults.

Please note this will restore the console’s network settings only. So after retore process completed, you should turn off your consoler and turn it on again. Then check the xbox error status report still prompted.

Solution 3: Check Your Console Connected To Right Network

If your consoler connected to anther network connection other than your home network, that should be the problem. The consoler should connected to your Home Network connection to work perfectly.

So if you have connected to another network connections such as mobile hotspot, direct wrouter or modern, that is the reason of xbox error status report problem. So disconnect another network that you have conneted to your console and connected to your Home Network Connection.


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