What Does the Term All Day Mean in a Chef’s Kitchen?

Even if you’ve never worked in a restaurant/cafe kitchen, you may have heard members of staff serving at tables or accelerators shout “all day” during a TV show about cooking competitions. For example, “I need four salmon a day!” So let’s talk about this what does the term all day mean in a chef’s kitchen?

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What does the term all day mean in a chef’s kitchen?

What does the term all day mean in a chef's kitchen

A whole day is just a repetitive amount of words, which means that all are similar. For example, in salmon, as mentioned above, it is possible that there are two dissimilar orders connected to salmon, which are named one by one. The cooks received orders for one salmon, and then two salmon.

Then, a few minutes late, additional order for salmon arrives. This can be puzzling when it comes to dissimilar orders for the same dish. In a busy or messy kitchen, the third order may even be confusing. Repeat the last order. Otherwise, you may mislay the capability to figure out how much the kitchen needs. 

So, the head cook asked, “How many salmon a day?” Will be asked. Or, to escape any confusion, the accelerator (or server) may follow these individual orders with “four salmon throughout the day”.

If a waiter was waiting for 4 orders for a mushroom dish, now if he wants two more on top of this, he says, “I need two more mushroom apps. It’s 6 all day! ”

What does the term “kitchen pass” mean?

“Kitchen permit” or simply “pass” means the long, flat bench or space between the kitchen and dining seats. It is usually run by the head chef of the restaurant’s highly experienced members of staff serving at the table. When the docket is flipped over, this person notifies the other cooks when they have ended wiping all the ingredients and they are done. They will be placed under a heat lamp reader to take to the waiters’ desks and add finishing touches and decorations to the pass.

What does it mean to “throw the kitchen sink” at something?

There is a saying – “Everything except the kitchen sink.” This is what it looks like – try, use, or take away everything you see except the kitchen sink. Occasionally it has to do with removing a house and there is only one thing you cannot remove or take with you.

So if you “throw the kitchen sink into something”, you are trying to be the last thing you have. The final solution. If this does not work, you are empty.


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