How to fix 90% USB drive errors?

Let fix Broken USB drives or unusable USB drives. When USB drive connected to the computer, will show “insert disk“. If you look at USB drive properties you will see “0 bytes” in that disk. As well as we cannot format this disk. You can fix this problem very easily. I will teach you how to do that.

First of all searched “CMD” and open it. After then turn on the ” Caps lock” button. Then type ” DISKPART” without space and enter. You will see yes or no option massage, you have to select “Yes” because this is connected to the administrative tool on computer system.

Now you can see ” DISKPART” command. Then you have to get disk list, So type “LIST DISK” and enter. After that as you can see disk list on your computer, Which means your computer hard drive partitions, connected USB drives and connected mobile phones etc… You have to select your pen drive among them. To select your pen drive type ” SELECT ( disk name)“and enter.

We have to clean the selected disk that means your USB drive. To clean the disk type “CLEAN” and enter. You have to wait sometimes to clean the disk. Few minutes later you will see disk clean process completed as below picture. After then you have to make disk partition of your USB drive to get USB drive again.

To make a partition type ” CREATE PARTITION PRIMARY” on your CMD and enter. After you can see created partition in below. So we have to active that partition. To that type ” ACTIVE” and enter. After  few second you can see active process completed. This is not enough for this process. Finally we have to format your pen drive in FAT32.

Type “FORMAT =FS=FAT32” and enter. Then you will see percentage of complete process. After completed the process you can type ” EXIT”  and enter to close to CMD tab. After this all process you can go to the my computer and see the USB drive. It is fresh pen drive as you can see.

Above all tricks for manual method. If you feel this process more complicated, You can go with windows application to fix this errors. Note : This is automatically process so this process will not 100% successfully. To this process search, USB Flash/pen drive repair tool and download it. You can go with that application instructions and follow this steps. This trick only work for some pen drives. You know USB drive has different versions. Which means USB 1.5, USB 2.0  and newest  versions is USB 3.0. So surely this trick work for USB 2.0 and USB 3.0. You can try either.

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