How to Fix Microsoft Access Unrecognized Database Format?

If getting the error ‘Unrecognized Database Format’ when you are using Microsoft Access, it’s annoying to us. Lots of people getting this error, so we were decided to provide some solution to this problem. Fortunately, there are three methods that we can fix this problem instantly.

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There are several reasons for this problem. Some of them are Inadequate permissions to access the database, Using Access 2016 along with Visual Studio 2012, Opening the database in different versions, etc. So you can follow the instructions below to fix this problem.

There are three solutions to fix Microsoft Access “Unrecognized Database Format” error

Method 1

You can fix this error using the Access auto-repair tool. To do that, open the Microsoft Access and expand the File menu.

unrecognized database format

Then select Info and click on the Compact & Repair.

unrecognized database format

Once you have clicked on it, you will have another window. So in this window, you can see all the databases that you open. Select the database that you need to repair and click on the Compact button to start the repair process.

When completed the repair process, the unrecognized database format error never pop-up.

Method 2

The second solution that we can fix this issue by converting the database to .accdb file format. So you need at least Microsoft Access 2010 to use this solution. If you already have Microsoft access 2010, open the error Database through Access 2010. So it will automatically convert to accdb file format and rid the error message.

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unrecognized database format

Method 3

You can fix this issue by editing columns. If your Database has more than 32 characters in one column, the Microsoft access will not able to load it respectively. So when you open the database, it will be getting an error because of this.

Editing columns to a maximum of 32 characters manually, you can rid out this error message, but this method will take a lot of time.

Final Word

I hope you learn how to fix unrecognized database format error in Microsoft access. So if you have any questions about those solutions, please contact us through contact us page. As well as please make sure to share this with your friends.

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