Top 10 Web Browsers In 2019

Here Are the Top 10 Web Browsers For PC

What is the Web Browser?

The Web browser is an internet access software application made by different software companies. You need a web browser to access like Youtube, Google, Gmail, Facebook, and Other all Websites. If you haven’t any web browser on your PC or Laptop, You will not able to access the Internet.

So there are different types of Web browsers in the world that made by software companies like Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge. So today, I will tell you Top 10 Web browsers in 2019 with free download links.

Top 10 Web Browser list in 2019

  1. Google Chrome
  2. Firefox
  3. Opera
  4. Microsoft Edge
  5. Safari
  6. Vivaldi Browser
  7. UC Browser
  8. Internet Explorer
  9. Slimjet Browser
  10. Maxthon Browser

01. Google Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the easiest browsers. Many people like the speed and ease of use of this browser. On the other hand, some people use this browser because it is confusing and difficult to implement. However, Million of people are unaware of the hidden features of Google Chrome and can go a long way in improving the browser usage.

Features of Chrome Web Browser

  • Task manager
  • Paste and go/paste and search
  • Pin tab
  • Incognito window for safety & privacy
  • Fast calculator


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02. Firefox

Firefox is a hip independent restaurant. It is somewhat less popular, but more famous because of its open-source nature and dubious privacy policy. Like Chrome, there are many things you can play with Firefox, tailor your browsing experience to your personal tastes. We advise you on Firefox.

Features of the Firefox Browser

  • Watch Youtube video in a mini pop-out
  • Delete individual URLs from your search history crucial keyboard shortcuts
  • Try out multi-process firefox
  • See which add-ons use the most memory

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03. Opera Browser

Opera Browser is the third-fastest browser in the world. There are lots of feature on this browser. The Opera Browser has nice and attractive interface, animations and effect control better than other web browsers. But the weakness is this browser use lots of memory on the Computer. So your computer will slow down when you working on this browser.

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04. Microsoft Edge

The Edge Browser made by Microsoft company for the windows operating system. This browser comes up to Windows 8. Also, this browser hasn’t much better features than other browsers. In addition, this browser uses more memory on the computer. So you cannot multi-work with this browser.

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05. Safari

The Safari Web Browser develops by Apple inc. So this browser has lots of features, animations and more. Although, this web browser does not use more memory on the computer so it’s much better than Edge.

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06. Vivaldi Browser

This browser is a new browser that comes in 2019. It’s much better than internet explorer. This web browser like an opera web browser. beautiful interface, much better animation on this browser.

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07. UC Browser

This is a small web browser that comes for mobile and PC. You can download this totally free. UC Browser is a web browser developed by UCWeb, a Singapore / China-based mobile internet company, that belongs to the Alibaba Group.

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08. Internet Explorer

The Internet Explorer Browser made by Microsoft company for the windows operating system. This browser is an old browser of the Windows. Also, this browser hasn’t much better features than other browsers.

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09. Slimjet Browser

Slimjet is powerful and one of the best browsers around. It has built-in extensions to make internet browsing easier. SlimeJet, powered by Blink Engine, supports all Chrome apps. Slimjet is as good as Chrome, has a powerful and customizable interface like Firefox, and built-in browser loading with a powerful browser every time you use it.

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10. Maxthon Browser

A fast browser with features and a reliable user interface. Powered by the Maxton cloud engine, it offers seamless search and download. Works on all platforms. Maxton has a variety of features, including fast-forwarding of video ads, faster performance and a two-page rendering engine (WebKit and Trident) for better compatibility.

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