show line numbers in visual studio

How to Show Line Numbers in Visual Studio?

When you are using Visual Studio text editor, the line numbers are not visible by default....
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notepad++ disable spell check

How to Disable Automatic Spell Check in Notepad++?

Notepad++ is a fast text editor that is the best text editor for programmers, and it...
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windows 10 close skype

How to Close Skype from Windows 10 System Tray?

Skype is the best video and messaging telecommunication application in the world. This application can be...
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unrecognized database format

How to Fix Microsoft Access Unrecognized Database Format?

If getting the error ‘Unrecognized Database Format’ when you are using Microsoft Access, it’s annoying to...
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What is Seaport.exe on Windows and How to Delete it?

What is seaport.exe in the task manager? It is a Microsoft seaport search enhancement broker process...
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windows 10 file explorer slow

5 Ways to Fix Windows 10 File Explorer Slow [100% Working]

The Windows 10 File Explorer is the best file managing software in the world and this...
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windows 10 random restart

5 Solutions to Fix Windows 10 Random Restart [100% Working]

All Windows users struggle with Windows 10 random restart problem. The computer constantly restarts when users...
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how to find wifi password on windows 7

How to Find Forgot Wifi Password on Windows 7? [100% Working]

After connecting to WiFi for the first time, many people forget the password because the devices...
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volume icon missing windows

How to Fix Volume Icon Missing in Windows 7?

The volume icon is the most important icon in the Windows taskbar. Especially it should appear...
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ubuntu screen recoders

5 Best Ubuntu Screen Recorder Softwares 2019 [Free Download]

Ubuntu is a well-known operating system. Using Ubuntu, we can do lots of works like making...
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