How Do We See Saved Wifi Password on Android?

If you are using a secure wifi connection to connect your android mobile to the internet, you should have the wifi password. So your password loss, forgot or you haven’t written down somewhere, you cannot be login to the internet.

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If you already used the password to login to the internet, you can see the password with root access to your device. We can use an app or unencrypted conf- file to show wifi password on android. using an app much easier. Let’s see how to do it.

First, You Need To Root Your Android Device

We must root the Android mobile before installing an app to see the wifi password. The wifi access code located at the administrator on the android system that we cannot access. After root your device, we can access the administrator panel of the android system and see the wifi password. Before rooting your device, you should read this article to understand what will happen when your android phone rooted.

How to Root Android Phone?

Method 02: Use an app to see the Wi-Fi password

There are lots of apps in play store for the view wifi password. So I recommended to download WiFi Password Viewer to this process. After download and install the app, you might follow the instruction below.

  • When you first time using this app will ask you Super User request. So tap on the GRANT.
  • Then, the app will show you a list of previous wifi connection that you were already connected with your android device.
  • Find your forgot wifi network and tap on it.
  • You will see the password of the selected wifi network.
  • You can copy that password and use it to connecting wifi network.
show wifi password android
WiFi password viewer

Method 03: Show wifi password android in the root directory (Manually)

Using an app is much easier than this method, but you can find your wifi password with these simple steps too. Before going to the steps you should download and install Amaze File Manager.

  • You need to access the root directory before the start. so go to setting on the app and toggle the Root Explorer.
  • Then, go to data > misc > wifi.
  • In this folder, you will see wpa_supplicant.conf and open it as a text file.
  • After opening the file you can find all the network details that you have connected. As well as you can find your wifi password.
Team Amaze

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I hope this article helps you a lot to find your forgotten password. So please ask any question in the comment section if you have and please share this with your friends and others.

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