5 Ways to Secure Windows 10| Complete Guide

What is the best way to Secure Windows 10?

Much of the work of securing a Windows 10 device comes from the device itself. A well-designed security policy focuses on network traffic, e-mail accounts, authentication mechanisms, management servers, and other external connections. Here are the top 5 ways to Secure Windows 10.

Disable Paired Devices

  • Type privacy in the Start menu and then click on Other Devices on the left.
  • Disable Communicate with unpaired devices on your computer.

Secure Windows 10

Disable History of Activity

  • So once again go to the Privacy settings and on the left, click on the Activity history.
  • Next, get your Store my activity history on this device, and send my activity history to Microsoft apps and services.
  • Finally, clear the working history.

Disable location service

What should we do to privacy to disable your location services on your tracking or computer?

  • So once again we have to go to the Privacy settings.
  • Go ahead and click on the location.
  • It will disable that information for your specific location. Also, the app will be disabled.

Disable Ad Tracking

Microsoft doesn’t need all of this information about what you do.

  • Again we have to go to the privacy settings.
  • Then go to Privacy Options in general.
  • Turn it all off again.

In addition, this information is necessary and there is no reason to keep it, and last but not least, the policies you should disable on your Windows 10.

Manage Cortana Search

Cortana is Microsoft’s AI system that collects telemetry data through listening. Compute your history and we’ll show you how to disable those settings.

  • Go down to the Start menu and this time we go to Settings.
  • Cortana at the bottom left, you will see an option called Permission and history, click on it. (And if you want to turn on the voice assistant in its AI assistant and voice, you’ll need to leave Cortana.)

In addition, you can see where the permissions and history are, left-click to manage the information. Cortana has access to things like email contacts.

  • You can disable OneDrive.
  • Disable Microsoft activity Device History and remove it.
  • Finally, clear all the information.


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