10 Secret Whatsapp Tricks You Never Used 2019

Top 10 Whatsapp Tricks you should try!

10 Secret Whatsapp tricks 2019: First of all, Thanks for landing this article. If you are searching for super cool Whatsapp tricks, then we must say you are in the right place, so without getting into query let’s directly jump into 10 Secret Whatsapp tricks 2019.

Whatsapp is the best instant messaging app in the world. Billion of people using this app everyday for their needs. However, I personally like this app because of there are few amazing tricks and we can use those tricks for usable things.  I will tell you 10 secret Whatsapp tricks that I already know and tested.

Whatsapp tricks

1. How to create bold, italic, or strike text ?

It’s been a while, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t know about this neat WhatsApp trick.

  • Put asterisks (*) at the beginning and end of the desired word or sentence, and you can bold it. So if you want to brave the word vehicle, you need to type (*vehicle*).
  • The same is true for italics, but only with the underscore (_vehicle_) on both sides of the desired foot.
  • To strike through the text, you need to add tilde (~) to the beginning and end of the desired paragraph.
  • There is also an option to create monospace text by adding three heavy pronunciations (“` “) to both sides of the foot.

Need an easy way to do all this? Then highlight the word or paragraph in the question, tap “More” and choose from bold, italics, strikes or monospaces. This does not work on all devices, so you will have to do a long way.

Whatsapp tricks 2

2. Quote a message in your response

Whether your text messaging is fast, group chats are constantly seeing new messages, quoting is one of the best WhatsApp strategies for managing the context.

To quote someone, hold down the message you want and then tap the arrow icon pointing to the left (it’s the first arrow that appears at the top). From now on, you will be able to compose your response with the quoted message attached. This is one of my favorite Whatsapp trick.

Whatsapp tricks 3

3. Stop auto-downloading via mobile data

One of our best WhatsApp trick can really help you save some valuable mobile data.

There are several ways to save WhatsApp’s data while receiving notifications and messages. First, disable the ability to download media on mobile data. This is done by using Settings> Data and Storage Usage> Mobile Data.

With this section, you can download or test photos, audio, video and documents using mobile data. This way, you need to tap on it to actually download the file. Video, in particular, is a big data hog, so we recommend not checking it out.

Whatsapp tricks 4

4. Request your account info

Even if you agree to the Facebook data policy, group names, and so on, this does not include your messages, just your profile photos.

To do this, you need to tap Settings> Account> Account Information, and tap “Request Report”. The report takes between two and three days. However, if you choose to delete or re-register your account or change your number or device, the request is canceled.

You cannot view this file on WhatsApp, so try using another program on your phone or computer.

Whatsapp tricks 5

5. Email chat logs to yourself or other one

WhatsApp already lets you back up your chat history to the cloud, but what if you want to send or receive a specific chat log? You can always email chat logs via WhatsApp.

To do this, you need to view Settings> Chat> Chat History, then tap “Email Chat“. From here, your chat menu pops up, allowing you to select a specific contact or group chat history.

Once you have selected your desired chat, WhatsApp will ask if you would like to enter the media or only send text and emoji. If you want to control the final file size, you are advised to select the second option. Once you’ve made your decision, you’ll be taken to your email app, where the chat log (in light .txt format) is automatically attached to a draft message.

Whatsapp tricks 6

6. Activate two-step verification

By default, WhatsApp will ask for your number and one-time pin when changing devices. However, enabling two-step verification does not mean that stupid types cannot escape your account with a new phone even if they have a SIM card.

To enable this, you must go to Settings> Account> Two-Step Authentication. From now on, you will be asked to create a six-digit pin each time you add WhatsApp to a new phone. If you forget your PIN you will be added to your email address.

Quite a bit of oversight, you don’t need to enter a PIN when trying to disable two-step authentication from the original device. Strange.

Whatsapp tricks 7

7. Add a contact to your Home Screen

WhatsApp also allows you to add links to your home screen – ideal for significant others and frequent contacts.

To add a chat to your phone’s home screen, open the contact or suspicious group and tap the three dots menu in the top right corner. From here, more> add shortcuts. You have to tap “Add” to confirm it.

Whatsapp tricks 8

8. Disable read receipts

Ah, the infamous blue ticks icon. For starters, this simply means seeing a message. If you wish to opt out of your contacts, you can deactivate your readings by going to Settings> Account> Privacy and ticking the box labeled “Read receipts.”

Keep in mind that this works both ways, so your contacts won’t see when you read their messages, and they won’t see you when they read your messages.

Whatsapp tricks 9

9. See who read your Group message

All you need to do, Hold on your message and click the three dots when it appear. Then you have to tap “info”. So you will able to see, Who viewed your messages.

Whatsapp tricks 10

10. How to use live location tracking

When you tap on the paper clip icon in the message field and select “Location”, sending a pin is simple. But what if someone, like your spouse or parent, wants to track your movement in real time? Fortunately, this is actually one of the best WhatsApp trick for parents and people who have helicopter parents.

You can do this by tapping the paper clip icon again. From here, tap Place> Live Location Share, and specify a time limit for tracking from 15 minutes to eight hours. Don’t worry, you can manually end up tracking yourself.

Whatsapp tricks 11

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