Is Viber a Social Media? What is Exactly a Viber?

Is Viber a Social Media? Lots of people ask this question on the many forums and social networks. However, Viber is an instant messaging app like WhatsApp, Imo, Messenger, etc. But it definitely has some social media functionalities. Viber app developed by Israel-based Viber Media, which was bought by Rakuten in 2014. After 2014, the Rakuten company gave more functions and options to the Viber app that users stuck with it. As a result, Viber seems like a social network beyond a messaging app.

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How Does Viber App Working?

Once you have installed the Viber app on your mobile, it will automatically sync your contacts to the app. Then we can chat or share images, videos with any contact that in your contact list, but other people should install this app on their phone and save your contact on their phone as well.

What Are The Social Media Functionalities on Viber?

Viber Groups and Communities

There are few social media functionalities on Viber. After creating your Viber account, we can explore posts that posted Viber groups and communities. When you open the app, you can see the Explore tab under the app interface.

is viber a social media

Go to the Explore tab and you will see lots of groups and communities on there. So you can join any Viber group like Facebook and after joining the group, you can read and see lots of posts like Facebook.


You can subscribe to any ChatBot on Viber through the Explore tab. ChatBots are similar to YouTube channel. When you subscribe to any ChatBots, those bots will automatically inform the details they provided via messages. So you can get notified of any news, lottery wins, share market details, etc instantly. As well as, you can just be replied to any post on the ChatBot to know that something you need to know.

is viber a social media

Public Chat

Public chat is a great feature which allows Viber users to share content, engage in conversations and create chats that are available to the general public among other Viber users who have a common interest or affiliation. This feature provides totally free for who Start public chat or the members.

You can like, share photos/videos and mention someone in the public chat who member on the chat. So this feature has some social media functionalities like Instagram, Facebook.

Is Viber exactly Social Media or Messaging app?

What is Exactly Viber? Is social media or a messaging app?. Yes, we have mentioned above some social media functionalities that Viber inspires to social media, but it’s not a Social Media app. The Rakuten company who develop the Viber app told that the Viber is an instant messaging app which users can send messages, pictures, and videos through the platform.

is viber a social media

Final Word

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