Is The Corn Kid Actually Dead? What Happened To Him?

Is the corn kid actually dead? In the history of the Internet, few things have been more integrated than videos of exceptionally cute children. Recently, one such video featuring a seven-year-old boy named Tariq who really loves corn went viral on TikTok. The Corn Kid, as he’s fondly called, was all over the internet for a short time, and now, rumors are swirling that something terrible happened to him.

Recently there was a rumor that the corn baby died on TikTok. Fortunately, that is not true. The boy, whose first name is Tariq, was hailed in a viral video in which he expressed his love for maize. Since then, he has been profiled by the New York Times and found himself on the talk show circuit.

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What happened to Corn Kid?

After he went viral, rumors started spreading that Tariq had died unexpectedly. The news was understandably saddening to many who enjoyed his video, but some were curious as to where the rumor actually came from.

The rumor appears to have started with a viral Facebook post with a headline that said Tariq had died in a gang-related shooting.

is the corn kid actually dead

If you look closely at the post, you’ll notice that the article claims to be from NPR, and that it was written by Dustin Jones. Since the post first appeared, it has gone viral, leading many to believe that Tariq is indeed dead. Fortunately, this note turns out not to be true, meaning there is no reason to believe that Tariq was actually killed.

Where is the corn kid now?

Tariq, a young corn enthusiast popular for proclaiming his love for corn, is now the official “Corn-Bassador” of South Dakota.

The post that has gone viral shows an edited news article designed to make everyone believe that Tariq is indeed dead. There is no actual article by anyone named Dustin Jones who reports the news. The original news article is replaced by additional coverage of Tariq, including how his love of corn made him the most famous kid on the internet.

How old is the corn kid now?

He Is 7 years old now. (“How Seven-Year-Old Tariq AKA “The Corn Kid” Became Social Media Famous? DOGOnews. September 23, 2022.) – Copied!

What is the corn kids name?

His real name is Tariq. Maybe you’ve heard the jingle, or know him as the “Corn Kid.” Offline, Tariq just started second grade, whereas his slightly younger-TikTok classmates spent the last few weeks of summer becoming Internet sensations.


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