Is It Ok To Run Windows Defender and Avast At The Same Time?

Nowadays viruses and malware are very vulnerable to your operating system like Microsoft Windows. Many people use anti-virus software to protect and scan their computers. Windows Defender and Avast anti-virus software are currently the most widely used anti-virus applications. Both Windows Defender and Avast are anti-virus software that protects your computer. Lots of people asking “is it ok to run Windows Defender and Avast at the same time?”. In this article, you can learn what happened when we run both anti-virus software at the same time.

Can We Run Windows Defender and Avast at The Same Time?

No, you can’t. You don’t need to run two anti-virus software at the same time. Regardless of which the third party you choose like Avast, Windows Defender is automatically disabled to prevent conflicts. Some people try to activate Defender and third-party application like Avast at the same time, but if you run both anti-virus software together, there is getting conflicts. So when you install another anti-virus software, the Windows Defender automatically getting disabled. Also running two anti-virus applications means an unnecessary process on your computer.

What are the disadvantages of running two anti-virus software?

01. Conflict between both applications

Some people say that running two anti-virus software at the same time is not a problem. They think that using two software will make their computer more secure. No, that is not true. As I told you earlier, running two anti-virus applications at the same time can cause conflicts. Then both the software will not work properly. That means your computer is insecure.

02. Your computer will getting slow

If your computer runs two anti-virus software, it may cause your computer to slow down. When you run both applications at the same time, your computer has an unwanted process. You can see the computer process on Task Manager. Antivirus software has more functionality and RAM to run it. So all the other processes on your computer are slow.

Is It Ok To Run Windows Defender and Avast at The Same Time?

Which Anti-virus Software Is Best? Windows defender or Avast?

Windows Defender is an anti-virus software that comes with the Windows operating system. It works well but it has weaknesses and security holes and it is poorly protected. So I think the best anti-virus software is Avast. It comes with advanced security updates and features that make your computer 100% safe from any malware or viruses.

What should you do, do you have Windows Defender and Avast Active?

It is impossible.  When you try to install third-party anti-virus software, Windows Defender will prompt you to disable it before installing any other software. However, if your computer runs both Windows Defender and Avast at the same time you should disable unwanted anti-virus software. Then you can get the safest and fastest process on your computer.


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