How to see iPhone X battery percentage (Quick tip)

1. How to see iPhone X battery percentage?

This is a serious problem for iPhone X users. Lots of users looking for appearing iPhone X battery percentage. Actually it’s not visible as other iPhones because of the iPhone design.

  • There is no option to enable battery percentage indicator because it’s already activated. So you can see battery percentage in the control center panel area. Just swipe down screen and you will able to access the control center panel and will able to see the current battery percentage of your iPhone X.
  • This is not only way to see battery percentage of your iPhone X. Another way to see iPhone X battery percentage is asking Siri. So press and hold the side button and ask “ what’s my battery percentage” from Siri. Then you can see and listen your current battery percentage.
  • There is an another way to see your iPhone X battery percentage. Just plug-in the charger to your phone and iPhone will show the current battery percentage in the beginning of the charging process. I will not recommended this method because this will affect to your battery when you always try to see battery percentage using this method.

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2. iPhone X battery

Before we talking about iPhone X battery percentage, you should know about iPhone X battery. You already know, all iPhones come with seal/ non-removable battery. So iPhone x has non-removable li-ion 2716mAh battery and this battery more powerful than iPhone 7 battery. Which means, iPhone X able to use 2 hours longer than the iPhone 7. Usually iPhone battery life is an about 24 hours max.

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iPhone batteries made by Soonho Ahn. He is a former Samsung executive who worked battery technologies. So li-ion batteries made with lithium, sulfur, sodium, and oven air. Typicaly, iPhone X battery has more materials to get more empower of the battery life.

3. iPhone X battery life

As my user experience, the iPhone X will able to use maximum of 24 hours battery life. But Apple corporation and other commentators say averagely 10 hours is the battery life of iPhone X. This is depending on your phone usability. If you are listening music, doing video, doing photography, using internet all the day, your battery life is short. If your battery life draining so fast without doing these. It must be a problem on your battery. May be battery is dead.

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4. How to save iPhone X battery life?

iPhone X battery percentage (11)

Before read this you should understand how works iPhone battery and how long iPhone X battery last. So I recommended to read above topics to understand those things.

  • If your phone battery draining so fast you should check your mobile applications first. Sometimes there are more powerful apps running and that apps will decrease your battery life. So you need to remove those apps from your phone to save your battery life.
  • Also you can turn on Low power mode to save your battery life. After you turn on this option, some feature will not work on your iPhone. This option very helpful when we are on vacation or a trip.
  • Turn on auto brightness feature to save your battery life. You know, the screen brightness gets 30% of power from the battery. It depend on how you decrease and increase screen brightness.If you are using low brightness, your battery life will save more and you are using high brightness, your battery life will decrease fast. Sometimes we forgot to decrease the screen brightness. So the best way to solve this, turn on the auto brightness option.
  • This is an alternative method for save battery life and use your iPhone long time. You can use good power bank to charge your mobile. This is seems ridiculous but some people cannot even try above methods because of the very important apps and documents in their mobiles.Some people work all day with their phones. For those people cannot save battery life using above methods. So they can use power bank as alternative method.

5. How to replace iPhone X battery?

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As you know, the iPhones come with non-removable battery. So iPhones battery cannot replace as normal mobile phone battery.

We can replace iPhone battery at home using some tools but my recommendation is give your phone to mobile expert and replace the battery. I recommended it because sometimes will damage other items on iPhone when you are trying to replace the battery.

If you need to replace the iPhone battery at home, follow these steps.

  1. First, you need mobile removable tools.
  2. Remove the nuts near the charging port.
  3. Smoothly remove display using pull tool.
  4. After remove the display, you will able to see the battery. so un-plug the cable and replace a new battery.

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6. How much iPhone X battery price?

Usually iPhone X original battery price is $69 in the word market, but this price has not include any warranty. There will be $80 a iPhone X battery with warranty or apple care+.

7. What is the safe way to charge iPhone X?

IPhone X usually takes about 3.5 hours to full charge. My recommendation is you must charge the iPhone 4 hours max. You need to follow these steps to charge safely your battery.

  • Do not over-charge. Some people charge phones over-night with their busy life’s. But it’s a big affect to phone battery and the battery life. Sometimes damage other items in the phone because of this over-charge.
  • Do not low charge. If you connect a charge and disconnect it very soon, it will affect to your battery. This affect same as above.
  • Do not charge with non-original chargers. Some charger not get enough electric power to full charge the battery. So when you are using those type of chargers long time, your battery will dead.
  • Do not doing anything while phone charging. Some people use their phone while it is charging. So when you are working with the mobile the battery will decrease. Which means electrons change to negative side and while the battery will charging electrons try to charge positive side. So this is very bad for the batteries.

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