iPhone Messages not Delivered in iOS 12? How to fix?

iPhone Messages not Delivered in iOS 12? How to fix? : First of all, Thanks for landing this article. If you are searching solution for iPhone Messages not Delivered error, then we must say you are on the right place, So without getting into query let’s directly jump into fix iPhone Messages not Delivered error?​

iMessage is a free messaging service provided by Apple, but sometimes it fails to work after the new iOS installation. This time again, the complaints were with iOS 12. In fact, many people find that their iPhone messages or iMessages haven’t been delivered or received with the iOS 12 update. Due to frequent inquiries, we came up with some tutorials to solve this iPhone Messages not Delivered problem.

Check Apple System Status

Apple’s System Status page is a revolutionary and sweet step that users can easily determine the bugs they are experiencing, for example an iPhone message or iMessage distribution or absence of their device due to some service outages (maintenance) on Apple servers, or just the device itself.

Over the last few months, iMessage and Facetime services have been reported to be inactive for several hours. Visit and check if it is your device or Apple servers that fix the error. Apple System Status Pages Link – https://www.apple.com/support/systemstatus/


Turn On Send as SMS

This is a step towards a solution that your iPhone has not received or has not delivered. In general, the cell service is responsible for sending or receiving text messages, so make sure your device has good cellular communication. Check if you have permission to send messages in your settings. Go to Settings, tap the messages and toggle the sending as an SMS.


Reset iMessage

Resetting iMessage sometimes helps when your iMessages are not delivered or not received. Check that your settings are stored properly, as if your device may have lost connection to Apple’s iMessage server. Here’s how to reset your iMessage:

  • Open “Settings”, tap on “Messages”, then click on “Send and Receive” and be sure to delete all email addresses listed under “You can reach iMessage”.
  • Next, scroll to the top, hit on your Apple ID and press “Sign out”. Go back to “Messages” and toggle the “iMessage” service. Reboot your device now.
  • Now, when your device is backed up, give it 5-7 minutes and reverse the above steps. Under “Settings” in the “Message” section, activate the “iMessage” service and sign in with the “Send and Receive” option again with your Apple ID.
  • Finally, be sure to check the email addresses you wish to use for the iMessage service.

Is everything recovering? Well it should be. If not, follow up with further solutions.


Reset Network Settings and Hard Reset iPhone

Removing or resetting the network settings removes any interference that triggers an error that the iPhone message or iMessage has not provided or received. After resetting the network settings, reboot / reset your iPhone. Here is a step-by-step process for doing it.

  • You have to go “General” and tap “Reset” and press “Reset Network Settings“. If prompted, enter the password.
  • Now, if you have iPhone 6s or older, hit the sleep / wake button with the home button and reset / restart. If you have an iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, press Volume Down for no less than 10 seconds.


Fix the Problem with an Efficient Tool

If after trying all the methods explained, you are not successful, maybe iOS is the reason. For this, you should try a professional tool to solve the problem. We recommend the IMyFone D-Back. It can help users in many ways, for example, it can recover lost data from iOS devices or recover data from the iCloud / iTunes backup. In addition, the unique feature of “Fix iOS System” is the ability to solve a number of iOS problems without loss of data. Recommended by some reputable media websites like Cult of Mac and Makeuseof.

Update Carrier Settings & Check with Your Carrier

The carrier settings update applies to whether or not iPhone messages are delivered. This problem can be caused by outdated carrier settings. Follow these steps to update the carrier settings manually:

Prerequisite: The device must have a fixed Internet connection, be it WiFi or cellular data connection.

  • Go to “Settings”, tap “General” and press “About“. Check if there are updates, and if it is, there is also the option to download and install the carrier settings updates.

If you still can’t receive or receive your iPhone messages, please contact your carrier and see if there is a problem with them.


Those above tricks will solve your iPhone Messages not Delivered problem. If you useful this article, please share and subscribe us for future articles.

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