Why Does iPhone Charger Cable Not Working?

Most of the iPhone users face a problem that why does iPhone charger cable not working? This is a common issue for iPhone 5, 6, 7, 8, 11. So that’s why the brand new iPhone 12 coming without an iPhone charger cable. It is charging with wireless charging. However, in this article let’s see what happened to your charger and why your iPhone not charging with that charger.

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01. Lightning Cable Damage

First of all, you should check the lightning cable for damage. If your lightning cable damage, it should be the problem that not charging your iPhone or slow charging. If you are charging the iPhone with a damaged lightning cable, it will be affected your iPhone battery because of low energy.

What are the solutions?

In this case, you should replace your lightning cable immediately to fix the problem. Choosing a good cable will be perfect for your batteries and iPhone.

iphone charger cable not working

On the other hand, you can repair the damaged cable at home if you have all the repair tools. This is a temporary solution but is perfect for charging.

First, take a paper cutter and cut the rubber on both sides of the cable, and inspect the damaged wire. After you find damage to the wire, you can be soldering the wire to the right place on the cable. Then try to charge the iPhone and it will definitely work.

02. iPhone Charging Port for Debris, Lint or Other Interruptions

As you know the iPhone charging port always opens. So when you using the iPhone, the charging port covered by some debris, lint, or other interruptions. Then charging won’t work until you clean the charger port because of obstruction.

Here are the Solutions

Blow the charger port to remove obstruction such as debris, lint, etc. Also, you can use a toothpick, canton, or smooth brush to clean the charger port before connecting the cable.

iphone charger cable not working

If that solution won’t work for you, go to the phone repair shop and tell them to clean your iPhone charger port. After that try to connect your charger cable and check the charger working.

03. Wall Plug Damage (Charger Dock)

Sometimes there is no issue with your lightning cable but if your wall plug dock damaged, you cannot charge your iPhone. So you should check the dock using another charger cable. If it won’t work, you must replace the charger dock (wall plug damage). Make sure to buy high quality accessories for the iPhone because low quality accessories will damage your iPhone.

iphone charger cable not working


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