How To Turn On Subtitles On Paramount Plus?

Paramount Plus is a fantastic streaming platform with a wide variety of material. Tulsa King, Rabbit Hole, South Park, At Midnight, and 1883 are among the series and movies available. It also broadcasts fantastic award programs such as the 65th Annual Grammy Awards. Because the streaming site is geo-restricted, you’ll need ExpressVPN to watch Paramount Plus outside of the United States. Subtitles are the way to go if you want to enjoy your favourite movie or TV show in peace. Subtitles are easily enabled and disabled in Paramount+, as they are in other streaming platforms. Furthermore, you may greatly tweak the Paramount plus subtitle settings to fit your viewing tastes. Learn “how to turn on subtitles on Paramount Plus” or switch on subtitles on Paramount Plus for various devices in the sections below.

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How to turn on subtitles on paramount plus?

To enable subtitles on Paramount Plus, open the app and click Settings from the left menu. Choose Closed Captions. Font size, colour, type, background, and other settings are now available. Some MV+ customers report that some devices do not support subtitles or that they must enable them manually for each piece of material they watch. These are merely temporary issues that may be resolved by upgrading your app.

As we all know, Paramount Plus is a popular streaming service. With Paramount Plus, you can view excellent stuff such as Star Trek: Picard (season 3) and other sci-fi series. Most individuals terminate their Paramount Plus subscriptions because the closed captioning does not operate.

We’ve covered how to enable subtitles on Paramount Plus on a variety of devices in the sections below.

How to turn on subtitles on paramount plus

IPhone and iPad

  1. Click the speech bubble symbol in the top right corner of the video player while the video is playing. To enable closed captions, select an option from the “Subtitles” section.
  1. To format closed captions, go to the home screen of your smartphone and click Settings > Accessibility > Display & Text Size.
  1. To enable audio descriptions, select an option from the “Audio” category. Just click the option again to disable each function.

Apple TV

  1. Ask Siri
  • Press and hold the Siri button on the remote while watching a video.
  • Next, tell Siri to “Enable Closed Captioning.”
  1. Through the Apple TV menu
  • Go to the Settings > General > Accessibility menu.
  • Turn on “Subtitles and Captioning,” then “Closed Captions and SDH.”
  • Choose “Subtitles and Captioning” then “Style” to format closed captions.
  • The “CC” symbol for each choice will lead you to the Subtitles and Audio page, where you may activate closed captions or audio descriptions.
  1. Apple TV’s Subtitles
  • Swipe up on your Apple TV remote while watching a video.
  • Choose the Subtitles option.
  • Choose the desired subtitles.

Turn Subtitles On/Off from a Fire TV Stick Device

You can watch Paramount Plus on Firestick, as we all know. Most of us are curious about how to enable subtitles on Paramount Plus on Firestick. To enable or disable subtitles on a Fire TV stick, follow these steps:

  1. Start the Paramount Plus application.
  2. Choose any content to watch.
  3. Choose the pause or menu option.
  4. The arrow keys on your remote may be used to move and choose the conversation box.
  5. Choose the Subtitles and Audio (Closed Captioning) menu to turn the feature on or off.\

Turn Subtitles On/Off from a Roku Device

How to turn on subtitles on paramount plus

To turn off subtitles on Paramount plus Roku or to add subtitles to Paramount+ Roku, follow these steps:

  1. On your remote, press the asterisk (which looks like a little star).
  2. The side menu will be open, and one of the first two closed captioning choices should be selected.
  3. To disable the subtitles for the video you’re watching, select “Don’t show closed captioning.”
  4. You may also go to the Closed Captioning menu and pick one of four options: Always On, Always Mute, Always Off, or Always on Replay.

Turn Subtitles On/Off from an Android or iPhone

To enable or disable subtitles on Android or iPhone, follow these steps:

  1. Choose the hamburger symbol in the Paramount Plus app.
  1. Choose the menu option.
  1. Choose Settings, then Closed Captions.

Setup options:

  • Following that, you should either turn on or off the subtitles or pick an alternate display setting by following the on-screen instructions.
  • Merely open the desired program, then tap the screen to bring up the sub-menu. Next, in the upper right corner, select the Settings cog.
  • To turn on the subtitles, toggle the button.
  • Subtitles can now be enabled.

Turn Subtitles On/Off from a PC or Mac

To enable or disable subtitles on your PC or Mac, follow these steps:

  1. Open your browser to Mount Plus and select a program to watch.
  2. Hit stop and then click the CC icon that appears on the screen.
  3. Updating the settings for subtitles on a PC or a Mac.
  4. With the pop-up menu, you may change the display options and activate or disable subtitles.

Turn Subtitles On/Off from a Smart TV (Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Sony, Vizio)

Turning on and off subtitles after installing the Paramount+ app for smart Televisions is much the same as doing so when using a web client. The CC icon shows when you pause playback. You must then browse to it to enable the subtitles.

Subtitles on your television must also be enabled in this case. In the sections that follow, we’ll show you how to activate them.

Paramount+ Subtitles on Samsung Smart TVs

The following are the processes for changing the subtitles settings on Smart TVs:

  1. Go to your TV’s home screen with the remote and then click Settings.
  2. Choose General, followed by Accessibility.
  3. Go to Caption Settings under Accessibility and choose Caption to activate or disable subtitles.
  4. When you enable subtitles, a little circle next to the Caption option becomes green. At this stage, launch Paramount+ to activate captioning.
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Paramount+ Subtitles on LG Smart TVs

The following are the steps for changing the subtitles settings on LG TVs:

  1. Choose the settings icon from the home screen menu by pressing the home button on your LG remote control.
  2. Go to the Accessibility menu and choose it for more actions.
  3. Choose closed caption, then enable or deactivate subtitles by selecting the desired setting from the drop-down box. You may now launch Paramount+ and make the necessary modifications.
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How to turn on subtitles on paramount plus

Paramount Plus Closed Captions On Smart TVs

While using an iPhone, iPad, or Android device to access Paramount Plus, the methods for enabling subtitles are similar. But, in order to modify how captions are presented, users must enter their device’s accessibility settings. Open the Settings app, navigate to ‘Accessibility,’ and head to ‘Display & Text Size’ or ‘Captions’ to make any alterations. Furthermore, audio descriptions can be enabled in the accessibility settings under the ‘Audio’ tab.

When a viewer watches a video on Paramount Plus on a smart TV, the same speech bubble symbol on the video player should be seen onscreen. Selecting it with the TV remote should bring up closed captions for the selected show or film. If the speech bubble symbol is not displayed when a video is playing, the remote control should include a dedicated button that will access the TV’s menu or settings page. Simply press it, navigate through all of the parts and subsections, and find a menu like ‘Accessibility,’ ‘Closed Captions,’ ‘Subtitles,’ or something similar to turn it on.

If users wish to continue viewing material with subtitles, they may need to repeat this step each time they access the Paramount Plus app to watch a video, depending on the TV maker or media player brand. For some media players, such as Roku, the stages requiring TV setting adjustment may have to be completed from the Roku home screen rather than the Paramount+ menu. However, certain televisions and devices may feature a dedicated ‘CC’ or caption button on the remote that allows users to quickly access subtitles.


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