How to speed up Windows 10 computer?

how to speed up windows 10

Every Windows users find a solution for, how to speed up windows 10 computer. Might be several reason for this problem. I will show you how to speed up Windows 10 computer using few tricks.

  • How to speed up windows 10 computer using Power option.

Power is the main reason of computer slow down because computer performance  depend on the power. So we should control the power option to get best performance in Windows 10 Computer. So go to control panel, Then select power option and as you can see the power option window.

Then you can see 3 options there. You should tick power server option and save it. If you select power sever mode, your computer useless service, applications, shareable things will be stopped. Then processor and RAM will be full performance on to your main services. So will speed up Windows 10 PC better than before. 

Unusual start up programs

  • How to speed up windows 10 computer stopping unusual start up programs

When your computer boot up and turn on,  some computer programs will start running. Many people don’t know about this problem. Some of them are unusual which means you installed applications and services. So we have to stopped that services and applications to get best performance and speed up Windows 10.

So Right click on the task bar and select Task manger tab. Then as you can see pop-up box like below picture. Select the “start up” tab then search unusual services and applications about you know. If you select some unusual services and applications, click the disable and save it. You will able to enable that services and applications anytime you want.

System optimization

  • How to speed up windows 10 computer using system optimization.

The next trick is system defragment and optimization. This is trick of hard drive. You should search “optimize” on search bar. Then as you can see “defragment and optimization” option and open it. Then select the drive you favor. This is the point of selecting a drive. We should select drive of Windows operating system installed one. Usually it should be (C) drive. Then click optimize and you will see the optimization of the drive.

Just wait about 30 minutes  or 1 hour for the optimization process and defragment. after you done with the process restart your computer. Then will speed up windows 10 computer better than before.

Delete temporary files

  • How to speed up windows 10 computer deleting temporary files.

Temporary files mean saving some data of every project of computer we done. These files are too small but there lots of files. This is also unnecessary files for computer. So we should remove those file from our PC. This temporary file affect to Random access memory. So computer will slow down because of this temporary files. These are the steps of temporary files delete.

  1. Go to search bar and search “run”
  2. Then you will have small pop-up box and type it on ” %temp%” Then click the Ok.
  3. after that you will see all temp files and delete it.

Uninstall unusual Applications

  • How to speed up windows 10 computer uninstalling unusual applications.

If you installed lots of application which are not using, your hard drive will filled up very fast. Also temporary files of those unusual applications will slow down your windows 10 computer speed.

So check your application manger, find unusual applications that already installed to your computer and removed it. After then your PC must be speed up before.

How to speed up windows 10 computer

Use a PC cleaner

If you use a PC cleaner on your Windows computer it will be get best performance for you. I recommended to use CCleaner Software. It will analyze and clean your temporary files and other unusual files, So that way your random access memory (RAM) will get boost and speed up your windows PC.

Only you need to do click on the analyze button in the CCleaner software. Then it will automatically analyze, boost and increase your computer speed.

speed up windows 10

I hope you get an idea How to speed up Windows 10 computer using those tricks and see you in the next article.

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