How to SOLVE Google play services has stopped error?

Today I was going to download one of my favorite mobile game, but I couldn’t download it because when I open the Google play store, pop-up an error “Google play services has stopped“. I tried several times and I couldn’t fix it. YES! YES! I got that feeling. Also, I couldn’t even open some Google apps like Youtube, Gmail, Google map, etc.

I never faced like this problem, so I was starting to search a solution for this error. After searching few hours, I found few solutions to fix this. I found very simple method to fix this Google play services has stopped error. This method will takes only 30-50 seconds to fix Google play services problem.

menu - Google play services has stopped error

I will mention it first and will mention other solution as well. Do not wast your time to fix this simple error because here is the best and right solutions. You should try first solution and if it will not work for you, just try other solutions. Your error will definitely fixed.

Solution 01: Uninstall and Clear all data (Best Solution)

  • Go to the “Settings
  • Go to the “Apps
  • Find “Google play services for instant apps
  • Uninstall it.
  • Now go to the “Google play services” App.
  • Go to the storage and click on the “clear all data“.
  • Now go to the “Play store” app and “Clear all data“.
  • After that power off your phone and wait few seconds.
  • Now switch on your phone again.
  • Open play store and other apps. It will working perfect.

Uninstall - Google play services has stopped error

Solution 02: Update your Google play services

Sometimes this error come because of you were not update Google play service long time ago. That means you are using outdated version on Google.

So you can download and update your Google play services on Android phone. So here are the steps.

  • Go to the “Settings“.
  • Then go to the “Application Manager“.
  • Find “Google play services“.
  • Tap on the “Uninstall updates“.
  • After uninstalling the “Google play services” you will able to access play store.
  • Find Google play services on the store and update it.

After d this method successfully, never get the error message.

update - Google play services has stopped error

Solution 03: Restart your phone

Sometimes your mobile crush because of memory full. Also able to affect some services of your mobile. So simply restart your mobile and wait few seconds. After that, try to log Google play store and it will work without any error.

Restart - Google play services has stopped error 6

Solution 04: Double check your network connection

You should double check your network connection. Some how, your network connection blocking any IP addresses, it must affect to the Google play store. So double check your internet connection and if it not working perfect, reset your connection and try to log-in play store again.

restart - Google play services has stopped error

I hope you will solve “Google play services” error with above solutions. If you have any questions, Please comment below.

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