How to Show Line Numbers in Visual Studio?

When you are using Visual Studio text editor, the line numbers are not visible by default. So this is a disadvantage, as it can make it difficult for users to navigate, track, and jump to a specific line in a long text. In this article, you can learn how to show line numbers in visual studio step by step.

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Lots of text editor software has this feature as default but Visual studio does not show line numbers as it defaults feature. To enable this feature using this simple trick, so that you can easily work with long scripts.

Show Line Numbers in Visual Studio

First, open Visual Studio text editor and go to Tools> Options from the toolbar.

show line numbers in visual studio

Once you have opened the Options window, tick on the Show all settings. Then you will able to see all the important settings. Now go to Text Editor> The current language that you are using.

show line numbers in visual studio

Then find Display options on the right side of the window and tick Line Number option.

show line numbers in visual studio

Now click Ok button to save settings. Once you have changed the settings, the line numbers will display in the Visual Studio.

Final Word

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