How To Reset Instagram Explore Page?

Nowadays Instagram is the most famous and trendy mobile application in the world.  As well as Instagram is a social web platform, that can share your photos and videos. Moreover, you can share your photos and videos with many filters. In addition, Instagram photos are able to post directly to Facebook or Twitter, and other applications.

how to reset instagram explore page

When comparing with Facebook, Instagram is the linkage of younger users. Most of the users on Instagram, do not know how to reset or customize their Instagram explore pages. If you know how to customize your Instagram explore page, you can get a lot of advantages from Instagram. Some people are telling that social media is always eating their valuable time and money. However, the truth is, if you can customize your social media platforms, you do not need to worry about your time and aims.

In this article, I am going to share with you how to reset your Instagram explore page.  Resetting/customizing your Instagram explore page will help you to see only the things you need to see and the things that are lined up with your goals. So surely this article will support you to reset your Instagram explore page quickly and correctly.

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Why Did My Instagram Explore Page Reset?

how to reset instagram explore page

In the time you engage with certain Instagram profiles and some creative content, then Instagram algorithm recognize and take note of your searching things. Because of that process, Instagram gives similar photos and videos for you, on your Instagram Explore Page.

At least two or three times, teenagers and all other Instagram users are scrolling the Instagram feed up and down for a day. They spend an average time with Instagram by finding things, liking photos, and videos. If the users do this thing usually, the Instagram explore page recognizes the rhythm and they can definitely provide you what you are searching for or interested in.

Have you ever been passionate by way of viewing Instagram characters do traveling videos or some creative clips recently? Then absolutely, Instagram already know it! Therefore, from that time, Instagram will offer thousands of original and latest photos and video clips for you to catch and lookout on the Instagram Explore Page. Recently, the Instagram explore page modified in May 2019 and it brings a lot of new features for Instagram users. In addition, this social media platform mostly needed to support people find out what they are eyeing for plus what they are interested in extra simply.

How To Customize/Reset Instagram Explore Page?

  1. First, you have to clear your Instagram search history.

How To Clear Instagram Search History?

  • Open your Instagram application and go to your profile.
  • Then click the three dash icons on the top right corner of your profile.
  • Select “Settings”
  • Then click on “Security”
  • Select the “Clear history”
  • Now you should see “Clear all” on the top right corner. Select it.

The Next Step Is, Let Instagram Know The Posts What You Do Not Like to See

  • First, open your Instagram application and touch the search icon at the bottom.
  • Then go up and down through the media display (explore page) and touch on a picture or a video that you do not like to see on your Instagram Explore Page.
  • When it opens, touch the three dot icons on top right corner of the video or the picture.
  • And select “ not interested”
  • Finally, you will get a feedback like “this post has been hidden”. Then Instagram will show fewer posts like that from now on.
  • Repeat this trick for any other posts that you do not like.

The Final Step is, Let Instagram Know Posts What You are Actually like to See.

  • Just go and search some contents that you like to see on Instagram. Such as travelling, foods, fashions or technology. Moreover, go there accounts.
  • Then like and comment on those pictures and videos that you like.
  •  Do this thing repeatedly at any times when you see a content/ picture or a video that you actually like.

Which content currently appear on explore page on Instagram?

Instagram Explore Page is changing from the most widespread pages, which show the best-liked videos or pictures at the period of your Instagram visit. If you are a food lover and if you did like and comment on food videos and pictures, then Instagram knows that you are a food lover. So in every time, Instagram is trying to provide you amazing food videos and food pictures on your Instagram Explore Page.

The Instagram Explore Page includes pictures and videos liked and commented by people whose contents you have liked. Also, there are some posts from Instagram accounts related to your following accounts. This is the way of the Instagram Explore Page choose photos and videos to show you.


I hope you learn how to reset the Instagram explore page?. So please make sure to share this article with your friends if you got help. Also, if you have any questions about this, feel free to contact us through contact us page.

Sajith Herath is a Software quality analyst for Mobile and Computer applications. He is the founder of Bigfact-Review. He has written about technology for nearly a decade and He has lots of experience in tech field.