How to Recover Deleted Post on Facebook?

Have you accidentally deleted your Facebook post? So How to Recover Deleted Post on Facebook? This is a common question that always asking many people on Facebook community pages. Unfortunately, if you delete something on Facebook, it will be permanently deleted from the site.

how to retrieve deleted post on facebookhow to retrieve deleted post on facebook

However, there are several strategies you can use to recover deleted posts on Facebook. So read the full article and follow the steps below to retrieve deleted post on Facebook.

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How to Retrieve Deleted post on Facebook?

01. Check Your Email

First, you need to login to your Facebook account through your computer. Then click on the notification icon on the top right corner and check the notification that includes the text of your original wall post.

Now you need to login to your email address that you used to create your Facebook account. This email address will be officially linked to your Facebook account.

Just type “Facebook” on your email search bar and read all emails until you find wall post notifications. Once you find a post notification, click on it to open. Now you can see the original wall post that somebody posted on your wall. Facebook always email you when somebody emails you.

02. Check Your Friend’s Email

Another way to find deleted Facebook post is checking friend’s email. If your friends have been enabled email notifications, they could have received emails from Facebook when you posted wall posts with tagging them.

So you can ask them to check their emails what you looking for. The Facebook will send those email notifications as text.

03. Find Original Post

If you have shared posts or someone shared posts on your timeline, and it deleted somehow, you can just search the original post on Facebook using the Facebook search bar.

Just type any keyword related to your delete post and find the original post from the search result.

how to retrieve deleted post on facebook

Bonus tip

If you have deleted Facebook post and you need to retrieve deleted post on Facebook, you can get copy of Facebook history.

Just login to your Facebook account via computer and go to the settings. Now go to the “Your Facebook Information” Tab. You can see “Download Your Information” and click on View. Now you can request a copy or download the requested copy from the Available copies Tab.

The Facebook will email you to download archive of full history. You can check that file to find delete post on Facebook.

how to retrieve deleted post on facebook

Final Word

I hope you learn how to retrieve deleted post on Facebook. So please make sure to share this article with your friends if you got help. Also, if you have any questions about this, feel free to contact us through contact us page.

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