How to Put Date on Snapchat? [Easy Steps]

Snapchat is the world’s best multimedia messaging app. So there are a lot of features with the Snapchat app and we overlook some features of Snapchat as users. In this article, we are going to tell you the best feature of Snapchat is how to put date on Snapchat.

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Before we are starting to put the date on Snapchat, we have to create Snap. To create a Snap, log in to your app and capture a picture using the shutter button at the bottom of the screen that you want to post.

how to put date on snapchat

Once you have captured the photo, swipe few times right to left and you will find the current time and day on the screen.

how to put date on snapchat

Or you can go to the sticker section on the right side and select the Digital time. After it comes to the middle of the Snap, Tap on it to get a different type of date. Now you are ready to send your Snap through friends.

how to put date on snapchat

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