How to Open NOTEPAD in Windows 10?

Notepad is a simple text editing in Windows operating system. So you can write any simple notes, Documents, HTML on the Windows Notepad. Also, Notepad has been synchronized with Microsoft Windows since its inception. So this is legend tool of Microsoft Windows. In this article We are going to provide 6 methods to open NOTEPAD in Windows 10.

1. Open Notepad through Context menu

  • All you need to do, Find blank area on the desktop and Right-click.
  • Go to the “New“.
  • Then select “Text document” in the drop down menu.

2. Search in the Start Menu

  • Click on the Start menu Icon in the task bar.
  • Just type “Notepad” on the start menu.
  • Then Appear the Notepad in the search items.
  • You can open it and start writing.

3. Open Notepad via Run

  • Just open the “Run” pressing (Windows button + R)
  • Type “Notepad” on the “Run”.
  • Hit Enter and you will have the notepad.

4. Open Notepad vis CMD

  • Right click on the Start menu icon and open Command Prompt.
  • Type “notepad.exe” and hit enter.
  • Then will open the notepad and you can use it.

5. Open it via Windows Powershell

  • Again right click on the start menu Icon.
  • Click on the “Windows Powershell” to open it.
  • Type “notepad” on the blue screen and hit enter.
  • You will have the Windows Notepad.

6. Search on the Windows System

  • Go to “This PC“.
  • Go to the disk that Windows system installed. Usually it’s a disk “C”.
  • Then type “notepad.exe” on the search box.
  • Will appear the notepad and open it.

Video guide on how to open Notepad in Windows 10

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