How to Mass Unsubscribe YouTube Channels at Once?

How to mass unsubscribe youtube channels? Lots of people are searching for this topic on the web. YouTube is the largest video sharing platform and social media in the world. This platform uses lots of people for many different reasons. However, people are creating “Channels” on Youtube and upload videos to those channels. So we subscribe to their channels and watch their videos as a Youtube audience.

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Sometimes we need to unsubscribe those channels for some reason. So if we need unsubscribe more than one channel at once, it will take more time. In this article, you can learn how to mass unsubscribe youtube channels at once.

Method 01

First, you need to download and installiMacros for Chrome” Extension. Once you have installed the extension, it will appear as an icon on the top right corner of the chrome browser.

how to mass unsubscribe youtube

Then click on the blue icon and will pop-up a window. In this window find and click on the “Record” button. Then you will have another pop-up window. So you have to remove all the texts in this box.

how to mass unsubscribe youtube

Now copy the data from here and paste data into the box. Once you have pasted data, click on the Save & Close button.

how to mass unsubscribe youtube

Now go to the Subscriptions on your Youtube account and click on the Manage.

how to mass unsubscribe youtube

Again, open the first window and go to the Play tab. Then select “#Current.iim” and customize the max number. This number tells you how many channels you want to unsubscribe from your subscription list. After all set, hit the Play Loop button to unsubscribe channels.

how to mass unsubscribe youtube

Method 2

This method is only supported with the older version of Youtube. So make sure you are working with an older version of YouTube.

First, you need to login to our Youtube account and find Manage subscriptions.

how to mass unsubscribe youtube

Then you will have all the channels that you already subscribed to. Now you can select all channels at once ticking the top little box.

how to mass unsubscribe youtube

Then you can take action to unsubscribe all the channels at once using the box next to the first box.

Final Word

I hope you learn how to mass unsubscribe channels from your Youtube account. So if this helpful for you, please make sure to share it with your friends. if you have any problem with this, feel free to contact us.

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