How to Make Google Chrome Full Screen?

Google Chrome is the best internet browser in the world and lots of people are using it to access the internet. However, when we read web pages, it is distracted by tabs, bookmarks bar, extensions, and taskbar. To solve this, Google Chrome has provided a full-screen feature.

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How to Make Chrome Full Screen in Windows?

Many people use a Windows operating system to do their daily activities. As well as they are installing Google Chrome as their default internet browser. So there are 2 ways to activate chrome full screen in Windows.

Activate Chrome full-screen mode by pressing F11 button

The easiest way to enable chrome full-screen mode is by pressing the F11 button. Once you open Google Chrome, press the F11 button on your keyboard. Then instantly activate the chrome full-screen feature.

chrome full screen

Make Chrome full-screen Using Browser Menu

If the first method won’t work for you, try this method to enable chrome full screen. First, go to the Chrome menu by clicking three dots on the top right corner.

chrome full screen

Then find the zoom section in the menu. In the Zoom section, you can see a small square icon and click on it to activate the full-screen feature of the Google Chrome.

chrome full screen

How to Enable Chrome full screen in macOS?

If you want to enable Chrome full-screen feature in macOS, there are 2 ways to do it. The easiest way is by pressing Ctrl+Command+F together.

The second way is to activate the full screen using the Chrome menu. Go to the menu and select a view. Then click on the Enter Full Screen. Once you have clicked it, the full-screen mode will instantly activate.

chrome full screen

Final Word

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