How to Lock anything without software in Windows PC?

Billion of peoples using Windows platform to make their day life. Every person has secret or important files, Such as Personal things, Professional things, Business things, Etc… So we should know, how to secure that documents safely. There different way to secure those documents. We can try to hide the files, Lock the files using zip file, etc… But I will tell you best way to secure your important document. 

How to Lock anything without software in Windows PC 2
How to Lock anything without software in Windows PC 4

First of all, we should create a new folder and then go to inside and open text document. Then we must place a code to it . You can click here  to get the code. Copy and paste the code given about to text document. There is a place ” Your- Password- here ” In the code. We must delete it and type our password ( We can type any password we like). After this process this document file should save, go to file and click save as. And we will have small box and as you can see there is ” Save type” in small box. We should select ” All files” and click save. Then we can rename the text file name and extension like ” myfile.bat

After you will see locker folder in the first folder we created. This folder created automatically when we created the “bat file”. Now you can put any photos, documents and important things to locker folder. But still we can access the locker folder easily. So we should lock it. Open the bat folder again and we can see  CMD interface like below. 

As you can see you will have massage like ” Are you sure, You want to lock the folder“. You should select the “YES” or we can press the ” Y ” button and enter to lock the folder.

Ok, now you can lock or unlock the documents when you need. If you want to unlock the documents you can go to bat folder, open it and type the password then you can access the lock folder. This is without software method and this method is very secure, better than others. I will tell you how to lock folder with software. But this method not better than above. 

We are using Wisecleaner software to doing  this method. You can download software here. There are several versions of operating system in Windows. You can download 64 and 32 bit version in the link above.  After you download the software install the software usually.

After you install the software open it and as you can see there is the small box will pop-up. Then you will able to type any password you like and login.  Now you can put any files, documents, pictures, musics, etc…

If we have putted the documents, we can only access those in Wisecleaner software. If you want to see the documents you must go into the software and enter your password to access it. There are no way to access those files without this software. This is easy method for lock impotent document in your computer.

If you have a any questions comment below we will get back as soon as possible. See you in the next article. 

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