How to install Windows Drivers?

I will tell you easiest way that we can install Windows Drivers. We must download the drivers if not provide the drivers CD. You should type on Google, laptop or desktop  model name to search the drivers. This is difficult way to download drivers. Every one doing this method.

This driver most important to Windows process. Such as Graphic, Audio, Touch pad, Wirelesses network, USB, etc… for a example If We just install the Windows and play some video or game, we cannot play that video or game perfectly because you should get and error massage of graphic on your computer. So We have to search and find exact drivers to the computer or laptop.

I will tell you easiest way how to find exactly drivers that missing on your computer. We are doing it with 3D Chip software. You can download it from here. After download the software you need to install the file. It should be take minimum of 2 minutes. Then automatically will open the Window like below picture. 

You can see the system requirements at that point. As you can see exclamation point for update of the drivers. You have to download the exclamation point and question mark point drivers. Then as you can see, automatically update and download the files and you can install all drivers with no confusion. 

What will be happened if not drivers not installed

  • Touch-pad : if not Install the touch-pad driver, we cannot do anything with touch-pad. Such as scrolling, moving, drag and dropping, zooming, rotation, etc… If you find and install the driver you will never get the errors above.
  • USB: if not install the USB driver, We cannot connect any USB driver to computer. This is very important thing for everyone because file transfer depend on USB.
  • Audio : if not install the audio driver, We can listing to the audio but we cannot get perfect sound system without audio driver. The populist and creative sound system is the Dolby  sound system.
  • WiFi : if not install WiFi driver, We cannot login to the internet or any other network. This is most important thing of the computer so We have to install the network driver.

I hope you get a some idea in this article. So stay tune.

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