How to install any Windows from USB?

If your computer CD-Rom broken? Cannot install Windows again with Windows CD? But don’t worry. We have solution for it. We can install and format a computer using USB. We need maximum of 8GB pen drive to do this.

First of all, You need to format your pen drive with default option. Which means “allocation unit size”. Then you need to make your pen drive a bootable version. But you can not do this without a software. I recommended to download “Universal USB installer” because this is easy to use.

How to make a bootable pen drive

After download the “Universal USB installer” Software, You need to open and Then connect to your USB to computer. When you are going to make bootable USB in that software, It will ask what OS going to install to your computer. Which means there are lots of operating system out there like Linux,Ubuntu,etc… This is software has “Windows category”, So you need to select Windows 10 that category. after then you should select what pen drive or hard drive you will going to make bootable.

Then click the create button without doing anything. Then pop-up a interface and transfer the  selected files as a bootable setup. after complete the process you have massage of completed.

How to install Windows to computer with bootable USB

First of all, Restart the computer and when computer starting again you need to press function key to go boot menu. Then you can see a box and bootable USB name. So select it. Then pen drive will start the boot process.

after finished the boot process another Window will opened. Then you have to select the language and click the next button to type “serial key”. If you have serial key type this box or If you don’t have the serial key just skip the serial key box to process.

Then tick “agree to license and policies” and click the next button. Then will pop-up the new Window box asking “Which type of installing do you want?”. If you need to format partition there are options to make to make partition delete,create,format,restore,etc… You can do what you need to looking in this section and do it as your favour.

Then will start the installing process and you need to wait a few minutes to complete the installation. I hope to get and idea how to make bootable USB. See you in the next article. 

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