How to hard reset any iphone device?

I’m going to tell you how to reset your iPhone. It can be a real nightmare when your phone freezes. It can be caused by any number of problems and it’s hard to know exactly why your phone has frozen.

What is the difference between a soft and hard reset?

Here is our quick guide on how to prefer either soft or hard reset.

what is the soft reset?

Soft reset is when you press the power button to restart or deactivate your device. Many simple things can be done with a soft reset. Many problems, such as calling or texting or general laziness. So you should always try and do a soft reset to see if your device fixes the problem.

what is the hard reset?

A reset will revert the device back to its original settings. Any data you store on your device, including photos, videos, and other media, will be lost. So just reset the visual reset as the final reset.

How to perform a reset depends on the type and format of your device?

This is the easiest to test to refer to Manufaucher’s advice or to refer to your product and model and the words “hard reset”. Keep in mind that if you perform a hard reset, you lose all data stored on your device, so go to one if you try other methods.

How to reset?

  • So you need to hit volume up and volume down and then hold the power button.
  • So volume up & down holds the power sleep button until the phone reboot, and you can see the apple logo middle of the screen. (just keep in 10sec on holding).

It waits for a few minutes, and if you have any more problems you should think of bringing it to a local Apple Store.
If you see the Apple logo, it’s as simple as that. Let me re-sign, your phone is working fine now.

So if you have any other tips or anything, let us know in the comments. I think you can reset your iPhone using above steps.

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