How To Fix Twitter Notifications?

Twitter is the one of top social networking is used by many people all over the world. It helps to build and strengthen relationships. But as a Twitter user, if you have issues regarding the notifications, further reading will surely solve your all problems that how To fix Twitter notifications.

Why can’t I see the notification on Twitter?

Most people have a common issue on Twitter. They always complain about, they are not able to see the notification on Twitter especially related to retweets, replies, new followers, direct messages and highlights, etc. 

  • The main reason is users do not enable the notification button because basically, Twitter does not show the notifications. 
  • Sometimes notification is not showing on the outdated version of Twitter. 
  • If you do not turn on the push notification setting it causes you to disable the notifications. 
  • To operate the Twitter app, there are several built-in settings inside the android app. In here users have an opportunity to turn off the notifications. When these settings do not enable it may cause to disable the notifications.
  • Another thing is, when turn on the “Don’t disturb” mode that comes with android smartphones, affects to disable of the notifications on social media like Twitter. 
  • Android smartphones featured with notification settings for each app separately. If the settings are related to your Twitter app are disabled it is a reason for this trouble. 
  • If your device’s storage is filled with data and cache and this will prevent receiving Twitter notifications.
  • Normally, battery server mode prolongs the battery life of your device, but this setting reduces the performance of your device. After enabling it. Your device does not show notifications and it also causes to restricts most background data usage. 
  • The outdated operating system also affects this issue. Because it has the responsibility of normal functioning of the app. 
How To Fix Twitter Notifications

Why am I not getting any Twitter notifications on my iPhone?

Twitter is a famous social media among people includes iPhone users. Early to check the new Twitter notifications users have to open the Twitter app and then check. It is a bit of a hassle. But to overcome this issue Twitter introduced push notifications. It allows you to see notifications without access to the Twitter app

But the question is what we need to do if push notifications do not receive on your iPhone? Do not worry and it can fix easily. The basic thing to do is check whether the notifications are on or off. Also, you can try following quick fixes. 

  • Firstly, you can close the Twitter app and relaunch it by double click the home button and then swipe up the Twitter app. 
  • Another solution is, if do not work the above method, you can simply uninstall the Twitter app and reinstall it from App Store. 
  • Also, you can check whether the notifications in the Twitter app are turned on or not.

How do I clear my notifications on Twitter?

Twitter does not provide any way to delete or clear your notifications on Twitter. But you can filter them out. It helps you to control what you see. There is a simple step to filter your Twitter notifications. 

01. Open Twitter app on your design

Tap the blue and white bird icon on your phone or go to if you use a computer.

02. Click the bell icon

In the mobile app, the bell icon is at the bottom of the screen. But it is on the left side of the page in a browser.  

03. Choose the one either All or Mentions

Here if you select All it allows showing all notifications. If your selection is Mentions, only shows the notifications that mention you. 

04. Select the gear icon

The gear icon is at the top right corner of the app.

05. Choose the filter type. 

You have three options to select. 

  • Quality Filter

If you choose this option you cannot receive low-quality notifications like duplicate tweets. You want to choose this simply tick.

  • Advanced Filter

Through this option, you can filter out types of people such as people you don’t follow as well as new accounts. If you enable this option simply tap this option and then tick to select filter. 

  • Muted Words

This allows you to filter notifications for tweets that contain certain words.

Twitter notifications disappear 

Twitter users have a common issue that is what, Twitter notifications are disappeared. There are several reasons to cause this problem. let’s see the reasons for this issue and what we want to do to fix this. 

  • The main reason is users do not enable the notification button because basically twitter does not show the notifications. 
  • If you have an outdated version it causes to disappear the notifications. Therefore, you have the latest version of the Twitter app. Updating the app helps to solve all bugs. 
  • Twitter introduced new setting namely push notifications. If you do not turn on this setting, notifications are disappeared.
  • There are notification settings in many devices for individual apps. These settings are disabled then that could be the cause to disappear the notifications. You must turn on app notifications for Twitter. 
  • When data and caches are overloaded in your device, you should erase those to appear in the notifications. 
  • Normally battery server mode extends the battery life by reducing the performance of the device and restricting background data usage. 
  • If your device has an outdating operating system it may impact to disappear the notifications. 

Twitter showing notifications that aren’t there

Many users have a problem regarding these phantom twitter notifications. Users are familiar with their DM (Direct Message) folder. When they are looking at this folder, they might not have noticed, there is something called “message requests” across the top of the page. 

This folder is where you receive messages from people you do not follow. The first message of the person will go to this folder even if you have the setting that anyone can DM you. If you accept those messages sent by the people you do not follow, cause to move them to your regular DM folder. But if you delete those messages, they will not know that you have seen them. It may be the location where the phantom messages are hidden. 

The message request is not even the reason, you can scroll your DM folder and check the people you chat with regularly because you may receive more than one message when someone in your DM is open and talking to someone else.  


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