How to Find Forgot Wifi Password on Windows 7? [100% Working]

After connecting to WiFi for the first time, many people forget the password because the devices automatically save your WiFi password. There is no need to retype it when you connect to WiFi because the devices save it.

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However, if your device forgets your WiFi connection, your WiFi password will automatically be lost, but if you have already connected the WiFi network to a Windows 7 computer, you can easily find the forgotten WiFi password there. But how to find wifi password on windows 7? Fortunately, there are 2 ways you can try to find the forgotten WiFi password.

Method 1

Using this method, we can easily find forgot wifi password in windows 7. First, you need to find and go Manage wireless networks.

how to find wifi password on windows 7

Then you will see a list of wifi networks that you already connected to your Windows 7 computer. All you need to do, select your forgotten wifi network from that list and right-click to open the properties.

how to find wifi password on windows 7

Once open the properties box, go to the Security tab. Then you will see Show characters option just below the Network security key. So you can tick on the Show characters option to see the hidden wifi password. Now you can access the wifi network using this password.

how to find wifi password on windows 7

Method 2

Also, you can find the forgotten WiFi password using this method but this is a little more difficult than the above. First, you need to open CMD (Command Prompt). After opening the CMD, you should start typing the following commands.

  • netsh wlan show profile name=your wifi network name key=clear
how to find wifi password on windows 7

Press Enter key after type above command and then CMD will show you the details of your wifi network. Under the Security settings, you can find the Key content as your forgotten wifi password.

how to find wifi password on windows 7

Final Word

I hope you could find your forgotten wifi password using the above methods. Somehow, if you have a problem with these methods, please contact us through our contact page. we will happy to help!

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