How To Enable Dark Mode On Google?

Enable Google Dark Mode

“Dark Mode” This is not surprising. It suits your eyes and helps you use Google Chrome easily at night. Also, the dark mode for Android is available from Google Chrome. This article will teach you “How to Enable Google Dark Mode” for Android and Windows. You can follow the steps below to do that.

Enable Google’s dark mode in android

  • First of all, make sure you have Google Chrome latest update.
  • Go to the Google Chrome browser and type “Chrome://Flag” in the search bar. (It goes to the Google Chrome Experimental Features page.)
  • Find the dark mode in the search bar, and they will find two options. (Add Web Content Dark Mode, Android UI Dark Mode)
  • To Activate, Change to Android chrome UI dark mode. You need to re-launch Chrome browser now. Wait a few seconds.
  • Go to the Settings on Google Chrome. You will find the dark mode and then click on to activate. (Then you can see Dark Mode added to Google Chrome.)

Google Dark Mode

If you need all your web contents including websites to go dark, you can use the second option “Add Web Content Dark Mode”. It’s not perfect, but you can enable it. Click Add Web Content Dark Mode and enable and re-launch Web browser.

There Are Two Ways To Add Dark Mode To Windows

  1. Use properties and use the code (force-dark-mode)
  2. Use the chrome extension

01. Method

  • Make sure your Chrome browser latest version. (Open the browser – click on the 3 dots – help, and you will see the version of your browser)
  • Right-click on the Google Chrome icon and go to properties.
  • Then you need to add an extension on the end of the target and type (force-dark-mode).
  • Click Apply and you will see the popup the dialog box “Access Denied”, Then you need click on “Counting and okay“.

Google Dark Mode

02. Method

  • Open the Chrome browser.
  • Click web store icon (apps).
  • Search “Dark mode for chrome“.
  • You can see first of the search result created by the “Kerry Blair”. Click on add and install the extension.

That’s all. I hope you can enable Google dark mode feature now for mobile and PC. if you couldn’t activate Google dark mode using those methods, please contact us. We will love to help you.


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