How To Delete Your Google Account?

Delete Your Google Account?

Almost everyone in the world who uses Android phones and laptops needs a Google account to help with everything. To use the play store or other services, you must need a Google account because we cannot use any app or services without Google account on the android. So if you have any problem with how to delete Google account from your device, here is the right place. Read the complete guide below.

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Advantages of Google Account

  • It’s a written means of communication.
  • It’s the fasters to send messages.
  • hardly two seconds takes to send messages.
  • It can send the whole day.
  • Physically location or geographical barrier do not affect email.
  • It’s very safe and confidential.
  • It can be used to move pictures, documents, etc…
  • It’s very effective in the business proposed.

Disadvantages of Google Account

  • Slow internet facility in sending messages.
  • A virus maybe harms your mailbox.
  • The email has size limited of sending particular files, it should fail between 10MB to 25MB
  • It requires internet facility, whichever one does not have.

How to Delete Your Gmail Account in Android Mobile

  • First of all let’s open Google now.
  • Then click on the top left corner and go to settings.
  • In here go to “account and privacy option“.
  • Then click on my activity.
  • Now click on top of the left corner and you can see “my account” option click on it.
  • And you need to scroll down to find “Account Preferences“, and you can see delete your account or services option, Click it.
  • Now you are in service option now you need click on deleting products.
  • Now you need to include the password and click next.

How to Delete Your Gmail Account In PC

  • Go to Google account settings
  • Select data & personalization.
  • Click Delete a service or your account.
  • Then select delete a service on the next page as well.
  • You will be asked to log in to your account.
  • Next page you can select the service you would like to delete. If you want to delete a Gmail account, click on the delete icon
  • “Security alert for your linked Google account” or “Gmail Deletion Confirmation”.
  • Confirm Gmail Deletion Select Yes, I want to delete permanently from my Google Account.
  • Click Delete Gmail.
  • Click Done.

You have a short amount of time to recover it for some reasons and if you enter your email address as soon as possible your account will be recovered, but if you just leave in your account, it will be deleted all. I hope you learn how to remove Gmail account step-by-step.

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