How To Connect Two Computers Using A LAN Cable?

Connect Two Computers Using A LAN Cable| Complete Guide

I believe you are struggling with Connect two computers using LAN cable. That’s why you found this article. You need to transfer your huge file between two computers but you couldn’t find an easy way to do it. right? I was in the same situation. Do not worry, I found easiest way to connect two computers using LAN cable. So you can follow my steps to connect your two computers easily.

Set Computer network settings

Select one of your computers and follow the steps below.

  1. Go to the Control panel and find “network and sharing center“.
  2. Click on the “Ethernet” Option.
  3. Click on “Properties“.
  4. Find the “Internet protocol version 4 ( TCP/IPv4 )” and click on the Properties.
  5. Use the following IP address. (IP address:
  6. After you set the IP address click on the subnet mask bar and will automatically generate numbers on it. Click OK and close all boxes.

Connect two computers

Set Second Computer settings

Follow the same instructions and settings as the first computer.

Important: Don’t use the same IP address as given in computer one. Make sure change IP address at least one number.

For example :

  • If your first Computer IP address is – 
  • Change the IP address like this in second computer –

Now you can share any files between two computers, but before that, you have to get permission from the Disk Drive that you need to share.

  1. Go to “This PC” and Right-click on any partition you need to share and click on the “Properties“.
  2. Go to the “Share Tab” and click on the “Advanced sharing“.
  3. Tick on “share this folder” options.
  4. Then click on the “Permission” button.
  5. You will have a box and you have to tick “Full control” option on allow side, click OK and close all the tabs.

Connect two computers

You all set. Now you can share any data between your two computers.

  • Go to This PC and you will see Network tab on the left side, and open it.
  • Then will able to see Computer name that you connected via network cable. Click and open it.
  • Then you will able to see your shared drive that got permission. So you can copy-paste all documents to this folder as well as you can access that documents in your second computer. This method is so easy and you will able to save lots of time. Also, transfer speed is maximum because we are using a LAN cable.

Connect two computers

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So if you think you did get an Idea How to transfer your file fasted way. So comment your ideas in below and will see in the next article.

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