How To Check Who Unfollowed Me On Twitter?

Who Unfollowed Me On Twitter?

If you care about who doesn’t follow you on Twitter, you might think your subscribers will appreciate the content better. So, if you need a tool to check who you follow, it’s much easier. But it helps the overall well-being of your Twitter activity. You can use a tool to filter ignored people on Twitter. For example, with the Twitter automation tool, you can create a task that automatically removes all people who haven’t followed me in three days. You can check out a few ways to see who followed me on Twitter.

Who Unfollowed Me On Twitter

Check Who Haven’t Followed Twitter

  • First, go to the google play store and apps store and download the Twitter Followers app.
  • Secondly, Information is the only show that is logged in with your Twitter and it shows people who are not following you after you login.

Who Doesn’t Follow Twitter

  • First, go to this website
  • Secondly, log into twitter through that web site. (You will also be redirected to a page that shows recent statistics. However, this data must be full of zeroes, because you have started tracking your account with people who have not followed me.)

A later date, when you return to those who did not follow me, you will begin to see the counts that follow and do not follow (Less likely if you are a new user).

Get Rid Of Accounts Who Unfollowed You On Twitter?

  • You first log in to the Circleboom dashboard.
  • Second, you must verify your Twitter account.
  • Then, on the left side of the dashboard, you will see a menu. Click on “Not followed” from the menu and you will see a sub-menu.
  • Then click “Don’t Back” from the submenu to find all the Twitter followers who haven’t followed you or followed you. (And when you select the option, your circle of followers who don’t go back will automatically be recognized.)
  • Then for every Twitter account, you have a button to “ignore” those Twitter accounts. (You can also delete all accounts from the Circleboom dashboard.)
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