How to Backup Windows PC| Complete Guide

How to Backup Windows PC?

If you want to know how to backup your Windows 10 to the external hard drive, so here is the article that you looking for. I’ll give the best solution and the step-by-step guide to doing that. There are different ways to backup your PC. You can use a cloud backup or can buy some backup software. But Microsoft includes some inbuilt backup software with windows 10 and that’s what I’m going to tell you how to do this step by step.

Following this step, you can backup your windows

Step 1 – You need an external hard drive. Just plug in your PC. After that, you can start the process.

step 2 – Go to start, settings & updates and security. You can see the “Backup tab” here. (do not click it now)

Step 3 – Now click on the Add a drive. The PC will now search for any device that you are plugged in that can be used for backup. Select your external hard drive here.

Backup Windows

Step 4 – Then Click on the More option. After that, you will see the overview and it says “That our data has not yet been backup”.

Step 5 – Just going to concentrate on the boxes.

  • 1st box   – There is a default setting that backup your files every hour. But my recommendation is to select Daily.
  • 2nd box – You will ask “How long to keep your backups? My recommendation is to select “default forever

You can see Add the folders option below, and add all your downloads, all favorites, all desktop documents, and your pictures if not already added to your backups. So once you are happy with your settings. you can either wait until the next backup interval.

You can now manually click the backup and the backup will start. So will backup your windows data to your hard disk.

So if you need backup in your data case, you know you can select one mount. If you have a business and you want to make a complaint and keep the data. So you need to buy a large hard disk and choose forever or two years.

If you have problems with the windows, we will be happy to help you with any information.



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