How Do You Get a Lifeproof Case Off? [3 Methods]

A lifeproof case is a cover that protects your smartphone or tablet from high drops, liquid, dirt, and dust. This protective phone cover is made of plastic and rubber. Life-proof cases have more benefits than a typical phone case. It snugly fits with your device. Thus, you cannot remove it as a regular phone or tab case. I will say the best and safest methods to remove lifeproof cases from smartphones or tablets.

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How do you get a lifeproof case off?

How Do You Get a Lifeproof Case Off

METHOD 1: Removing the back of the lifeproof case

Step 1: Open the charger port door of your phone or tablet

  • Some life-proof cases have a charger port opening at the bottom of the phone/ tablet. 
  • If your life-proof case does not have a charger port door, skip this step.

Step 2: Unplug the headphone jack plug of lifeproof case

  • To avoid any tread damages to the headphone jack plug

Step 3: Find the small slot next to the charger port

  • Slot size is around 2 cm
  • The slot mainly located on the right side of the charger port of your smartphone (when your phone should face to you)
  • Some proof case has two slots 

Step 4: Insert the case key into the slot and separate the lifeproof case

  • Use a thin plastic piece that comes with the case to separate the front side and backside of the life-proof case.
  • Insert lifeproof case key into the slot and twist it
  • Slide it up to separate the top and bottom of the lifeproofing case
  • Continue this until you hear a click sound. 
  • Click is a signal that the back and front parts of the case are separated.
  • If your smartphone has two slots, repeat this process for another slot too.
How Do You Get a Lifeproof Case Off

Step 5: Insert your thumb between the lifeproof cases and fully separate it

  • When you use to case key or coin to separate the case, put your thumb between the gap of front and back sides of the cover
  • Carefully move your thumb until the case back part is completely separated.

METHOD 02: Removing the front of the lifeproof case

Step 1: Put your smartphone on a soft surface (sofa, bed, or couch)

  • A smartphone can fall when it pops out from the case

Step 2: Use your thumbs to apply pressure to the front side of the lifeproof case

  • Turn your phone screen side 

Gently press the middle of the case using your thumb.

Step 3: Pull the sides of the lifeproofing case up until you hear a click

  • Use your fingers to pull the sides of lifeproof case up while your thumbs are on the smartphone screen.
  • At this step, your phone can easily pop out of the case. That’s why I asked you to do this on a soft surface. 

How do you put on a life-proof case without bubbles?

  • Remove any screen protectors and clean the phone using a cloth
  • Put the bottom of your phone into the front cover of the lifeproofing case
  • Gradually insert the top side of the phone to the case cover (Without having air bubbles)
  • Take the case backpack and press it and set it into the front side of the case
  • Close the charge port door

How do you take off a life-proof case without the key?

  • Open a charge port door
  • Unplug the headphone jack plug of lifeproof case
  • Find the small slot/slots next to the charger port
  • Insert the “US Neco coin” into the slot (you can use same coin or tool)
  • Rotate that coin clockwise and separate the lifeproof case
  • Insert your finger into the gap between the back and front case
  • Run your finger around the phone and smoothly separate life fproof case
  • You can further use plastic or any other steel material besides the lifeproof key. But make sure that tool does not damage your phone and lifeproof case.

How do I fix the bubble on my LifeProof case?

  • Place your hand around the back of the smartphone
  • Now your fingers are on one side, and your thumb is on the opposite side of the phone
  • Squeeze your hand together, and a plastic shield will wrap for a moment around the phone
  • Release your hand
  • The plastic shield will straighten out and without any air bubbles on the lifeproof case  

Additionally, you can check your life roof case’s water-resistant function before adding your phone to it. 

  • First, you can fit the front and back sides of the case 
  • Dip lifeproof case for 15 minutes in the water. 
  • Then take it and wipe it using a clean cloth. 
  • Check whether water is leaked into the case or not
  • If water did not leak into the inner side of thelife roof case, it is suitable for use.
  • Do this test every 03 months to protect your phone.


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