Google play service has stopped, How to fix?

This is big problem for every android users. I think, you faced this same problem too. The main reason is of update your mobile software to new version or some setting has been changed. To fix this, go to settings and then apps (sometimes “apps” call “applications” ) It depend in your mobile phone. You can search it both ways. Then you have to search “Google play service” and click it. So you will able to see “clear cache” and “clear all data“. After that, you never see “Google play service has stopped” massage on your mobile device.

How to manage mobile storage

Every android user has this storage low problem. So we have to manage it perfectly. I will give you some tips, how to manage your android mobile storage. We can only use maximum of two years a android mobile because android mobile will storage full by random access memory . So If you have any storage like 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, it doesn’t matter, Your mobile storage will low. We can have manage or clear different ways of android device.

1. Manage internal (SD card) and external memory.

Go to setting and storage. Then you can see all mobile data like videos, pictures, apps , etc… The important thing is, We cannot move or transfer the mobile apps to SD card. We can only move or transfer videos, pictures, Music, etc… But we can transfer applications data to SD card. Then you can get more space from your internal memory.

Select one of android application you downloaded. For example: think about the Facebook app. It’s large and save lots of data to external storage. You can select Facebook app and then you will see “Move to SD card” button. If you click that button your Facebook app data will move to your SD card (external storage). Facebook app data means, You uploaded photos, Videos and your news feed data like your friends uploaded videos, pictures, etc… We don’t care about this data so our mobile storage will low. If you move this data to our external memory, your internal memory will give you more space.

You can do this to all mobile apps you downloaded. Then your mobile will speed up little bit more than before.

2. Mobile storage clean with cleaning apps 

Some people think these cleaning applications won’t clean junk files because bunch of applications are spam. I recommended “clean master” you can download it from play store. It has lite version that 4.5MB. it is still feature app on play store. You can click run button of that clean master app. Then your mobile will cleanup and remove all junk files and give you perfect speed of your android device.

This problem has only android users because every android device has only RAM. But apple users (ISO) will never face this problem  because all apple devices has ROM. If apple device storage filled up, It won’t speed low.   

I recommended these things for you. Don’t install malware applications because that application will decrease the speed on your device. Remove all applications you don’t used (Important: Don’t delete or touch android operating system apps, because if you remove those apps your mobile will get an error).

Remove all unwanted videos, pictures, music, etc… Other thing is always clear your random access memory. You can do it just hold press the home button and clear the all data and give your mobile fresh look. 

I hope you get an idea how to manage your android mobile storage in this article. See you in the next article.

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