How to Fix Fortnite Voice Chat Not Working?

Is your Fortnite voice chat not working? Don’t worry, most users who play Fortnite have already reported this issue after the update. There are several solutions that can help you solve this problem easily. Follow the steps below and you will be able to solve the problem completely.

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Best Solution: Check the Audio Settings

If your Fortnite voice chat does not work, you should first check your computer and Fortnite audio settings. There are few options that you need to set up to work Fortnite voice chat and your microphone.

  • First, you should check your Fortnite audio settings. Open Fortnite and click the menu button in the top-right corner. Then click the gear icon to open Fortnite settings.
fortnite voice chat not working
  • Click the speaker icon to navigate to the audio settings. Here, you should check two options which are voice chat volume and voice chat. Make sure that voice chat volume is at least 20%. Also, be sure to enable voice chat as the picture below.
fortnite voice chat not working
  • Now exit the Fortnite and re-open it to apply the settings.

Once you have checked the Fortnite audio settings, you should check the computer audio settings as well. If you have messed up with computer audio settings, follow these steps to fix everything.

  • Right-click on the speaker icon on the taskbar system tray. Then select Sounds.
fortnite voice chat not working
  • Now navigate the Playback tab. Select the headphone you are using and click Set Default.
fortnite voice chat not working
  • Then go to the Recording tab, select the microphone you are using and click Set Default.
fortnite voice chat not working
  • Now speak into your microphone and check it’s working. If it is working, you can see the little green bar going up and down. So apply the settings and run Fortnite again.

Solution 02: Install the Latest Patch

The game developers release game patches to fix game bugs that eliminating the previous bugs preventing Fortnite to work properly. So if you are using the previous game patch, you need to install the latest game patch to fix the bugs like Fortnite voice chat not working.

You can use Epic Games Launcher to run the Fortnite because it’s very easy to check the latest game patches through Epic Games Launcher.

  • First, run the Epic Games Launcher.
  • Go to the Library and click the gear button on the bottom-right corner of Fortnite.
fortnite voice chat not working
  • Turn on the Auto-update option and restart the Epic Games Launcher.
fortnite voice chat not working

If there are new patches, it will be automatically detected by the Epic Game Launcher and the latest patches will be automatically downloaded and installed. If Fortnite voice chat problem due to using the old patch, the problem will be solved after installed the latest patch.

Solution 03: Check Fortnite Accessibility for Microphone

If you have downloaded Fortnite from the Microsoft store, you need to check if Fortnite game has permission to use a microphone. To check this:

  • Press “Windows key + I” on your keyboard to open the Windows settings. Once opened the Settings, click on Privacy.
fortnite voice chat not working
  • Then click on the Microphone on the left menu and check “Allow apps to access microphone” is turn on. Also, make sure to status is On for Fortnite.
fortnite voice chat not working

Once those options are set, run Fortnite and check if the problem is resolved.

Solution 04: Update Sound Card Drivers

If your Audio driver is outdated, it may be the cause of this problem. There are few ways to update sound card driver but the easiest and trusted way is to visit the sound card manufacturer’s website and download the latest audio driver. Make sure to check the sound card model and Windows version before downloading the drivers.

Once you have downloaded the software, install it to your computer and restart the computer to apply changes. After installing the latest sound card drivers, the Fortnite voice chat not working problem will be solved.

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Solution 05: Restart Windows Audio Service

If this problem is due to Windows sound system settings, we can restart Windows Audio Service to fix this issue.

  • First, open the “Run” program pressing “Windows key + R” buttons. Then type “services.msc” on the run program and hit enter.
fortnite voice chat not working
  • Once the services explorer opened, click on the “Service (Local)” left side menu. Then find the Windows Audio service from the services list.
fortnite voice chat not working
  • Right-click on Windows Audio and Restart the service.

Solution 06: Sign Out the Game, then Sign Back In

This is a quick method to fix the Fortnite voice chat issue. You just need to do is sign out the Fortnite game and then sign back in forth.

This is just a means to ascertain the cause of the problems in the game. Once you’re signed in, run the game to check if the voice chat is working.

Solution 7: Reinstall the Game

This problem is probably due to missing the game’s installation files. If the problem still has not been resolved, you can reinstall the game and check if the problem is fixed.

Go to the Control Panel and open Uninstall Program.

fortnite voice chat not working

Now find Epic Game Launcher and click the uninstall button to remove it from your computer. Once you have removed the Fortnite from your computer, you can re-install the game, and the check issue will be solved.

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Final Word

I hope you learn how to fix Fortnite voice chat not working. Those are the best solutions to fix the voice chat does not work issue. So please make sure to share this article with your friends if you got help. Also, if you have any questions about this, feel free to contact us through contact us page.

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