How to Fix Discord Screen Share Audio Not Working Error?

Discord is a great software that users can share text, image, video, and audio between the users. On this digital distribution platform specially design to the gaming communities who interested in games. However, many discord users reported that this platform has a “discord screen share no audio” error.

If you have audio issues when you try to screen-share in Discord?. It is quite a desperation and typical. Thousands of discord users have this problem and the majority of discord users often complain and report about this issue. However, you don’t need to go to an electric device repairman to get these issues fixed. We are about to bring you several simple methods that you could use in order to fix these issues on your own without the help of anybody.

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Fix Discord Screen Share No Audio Error

Look at the following methods. You don’t need to do everything that is included in the following list. You could try doing each step until your problem gets solved.

Method 1: Restarting the computer

Several programs that run on your computer may have trouble with Discord, and those conflicts may cause audio problems. Try and see whether that is the problem with your computer. Restart your computer to end unimportant programs completely. Relaunch Discord to test your trouble. If this method doesn’t make any difference, don’t worry, move on to the next step.

Method 2: Update Discord

Fixer releases regular updates for bug fixes. A recent update may stop screen sharing from working properly and may require a new update.  Update the Discord and check if it is a problem for you. To do that:

First, you need to open the “RUN” program. Press the Windows key and R button at the same time.

Type %localappdata% and hit Enter.

discord screen share no audio

Then open Discord folder and double click on the Update.exe to update the program. Once you click update.exe, it will automatically start the update process. After completing the update process, open the Discord again to check if the issue has been resolved.

Method 3: Clear Discord Cache

Incorrect account settings and Discord temp files can also cause a failure of the Discord audio problem.  Clearing Discord roaming data will solve discord screen share no audio problem. To clear Discord cache:

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You need to close Discord completely. Then press Windows key and type %appdata% on the search bar. The search engine will show you the %appdata% folder and you need to open it.

discord screen share no audio

Now right-click the Discord folder and Delete it. Then relaunch Discord to check your issue to be solved.

Method 4: Disable your antivirus temporarily

If you do not hear any noise while the Discord is running,  the problem could be with your antivirus.  You can test it by temporarily disabling your antivirus program.  First, disable the antivirus program and see if the problem still exists.

If Discord works well after disabling the antivirus software, find the vendor of your antivirus software and ask them for advice, or install another antivirus software.

Method 5: Reinstall Discord

If you have already tried the above steps to resolve your issue, but nothing is working, your computer’s audio section may be corrupted or damaged by conflicting files on your computer. You have no choice but to fix this issue, other than reinstalling new conflicting files into your computer.

How to Fix Discord Screen Share Audio Not Working on Mac

Most Mac users searching for “discord screen share audio not working mac” on the web because there are many solutions provide on the web for Windows. But don’t worry, Mac users also can try some of those solutions to fix the problem. The problem is the same. The only difference is the two platforms.

Final Word

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